HOW TO SELL ANYTHING (Analysis of the Mad Men series) 2020 -

Imagine that in 1960 an article in the Reader’s Digest just demonstrated that cancer was linked to cigarettes. How, as a marketer, would you have done to sell cigarettes? In this video, I analyze a scene from the Mad Men series, in which Don Draper (the main character) must imagine a new advertising campaign for his client: the cigarette brand Lucky Strike …

The situation is all the more delicate because the customer is convinced that the cigarettes are healthy.

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Don Draper gives us a masterful lesson in persuasion here by imagining a new effective advertising campaign to sell a dangerous product while selling this idea to his client who refuses to admit the real risks to health.

How to sell a product that has a good chance of killing you?

As the customer is about to leave, Don Draper knows that the most important resource here is their attention. He must start by getting his client’s attention before selling the idea to him … Most importantly, it should direct its consumer’s attention to something that has nothing to do with health.

This technique, often used in magic tricks, can prove to be very effective in the field of persuasion.

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