O B2B service seller is a professional whose mission is to generate value for customers who come to him on a daily basis. He needs to be a focused professional and knowledgeable about all the work he does.

After all, we know well that B2B sales are more complex. They involve more people making decisions, higher values ​​and automatically bring more insecurities than B2C sales.

But, precisely for that reason, a question may come to mind. Does it still make sense to have B2B service sellers in companies?

Technology advances, the possibilities of communication grow at all times. There is the possibility of self-service by customers in different segments and this changes the dynamics of the companies’ commercial organization.

Are service vendors still needed? We do not intend to answer this question definitively.

We will detail this subject better from now on, can we?

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Is the service vendor still needed?

Accelerating sales is something that all companies want. And when the sector is services, where there is usually an MRR, this premise is even more true to find, as soon as possible, the so-called predictable revenue.

So the title question is: is the service vendor still needed? It depends on the size of your company and also on the maturity of your customers.

If your business is still starting, you will always need to show the market what the company does and how it delivers the solution. You will need a sales pitch for just about every customer.

And if so, you will need a service vendor. It is he who will get around objections, use closing triggers, serve as a consultant to prospects.

Remember if. We are talking about B2B sales, from company to company. They are complex, take time and there are steps in the sales funnel that simply cannot be ignored.

In addition, we speak of a company that is new. That the 100% mapped customer journey is not yet clear – nor are all the pains in common. So how do you eliminate the presence of the service vendor? Difficult.

The technology and the service vendor

Keep this clear: you need to communicate to the market who the company is. The goal has to be to make customers evangelizing the brand, to the point that they not only defend it but recommend new consumers.

This is only possible in two ways. Both with a B2B service vendor and with a team focused on ensuring that customers are always successful in consuming the brand.

If that happens, the scenario changes for any business. With more mature customers, with the well-known company, with the solution that is sold to the clearer B2B market, the pieces start to move.

In day-to-day work, especially inside sales, technology helps B2B salespeople. It can show you how something works with tools like Skype, Hangouts, and more.

It is easier to be able to show the solution in a didactic way. To generate value and thus reduce the sales cycle, convincing the prospect more quickly that that purchase makes a lot of sense to him.

But when we talk about companies that are more consolidated, technology can take care of the work that was previously done by the seller. And then we have entered the next paragraph of this text …

The service vendor and technology

VB2B service providers, the future and customer success

Much is said – and it is the practice at different times – that the B2B service seller is gradually being replaced by video presentations, digital marketing and online sales.

This species, almost extinct, is migrating to a “customer manager”, especially in more consolidated companies in the market.

What does that mean?

That the salespeople, due to their high degree of interpersonal relationship, persuasive speech, are going through maintaining existing customers.


Because electronic sales are not perpetuated in the relationship with customers – and it will not be a customer service or customer service area that will replace face-to-face service.

Knowing how to listen to customers is native to salespeople and there is no digital marketing and electronic engagement that will maintain a good customer base. There needs to be a suitable interlocutor in this fine deal with customers.

Because, as we said, you want and need to have brand evangelizers. The sales process can be done through technology. But human contact is vital and indispensable so that what you sell is used in the best possible way by those who bought it.

Is that clear?

From salesperson to customer success manager. The more and better current customers use the services and are satisfied, the better the case base and the better the sales.

B2B sales growth and greater customer concern

In order for the growth of the companies in the service sector to remain high, there was a massive hiring of salespeople to work with a focus on making the customer always more successful.

Within this reality, companies that are unable to operate with digital marketing and electronic sales, have difficulty in hiring their sales teams.

There are, then, two points to be highlighted.

The first we have already addressed, which is the migration of sales manpower to the relationship with customers. The second aspect concerns the difficulty of digital marketing teams in consolidating their strategies to effectively guarantee the necessary lead generation for sales teams.

The competition is great, many people write and produce the same thing. Gaining attention in the midst of an ocean of sameness, or of brands generating value for the market is quite difficult. It is a task that requires constant review of processes.

Now and in the future, what will service vendors be like?

Each year the market brings many challenges for both marketing and sales. The mission of attracting new customers, at a time when the generation of content and delivery of value, will be a priority factor to attract the attention of the market.

As we said, it will always be necessary to stand out amidst so much content that is flooding social networks, email and applications. Especially because much more content is generated than is actually consumed.

There remains a lot of attention, perspiration to generate qualified leads and for each company to be noticed in this digital medium – especially when we talk about sales. Power is only with the customer and he already has everything he wants and needs to know about companies and services in a digital way.

Therefore, prepare yourself for an ever greater active prospecting and in the most different ways that the company can achieve. Within, of course, the profile of the ideal customer of each business.

Go with strength, determination and a lot of persistence. Show that the company is a reference in the area in which it operates. That she knows more than anyone what she delivers to the market.

Generate a lot of digital content, but above all, master your current customer portfolio with mastery.

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