The profession of marketing consultant has grown considerably since the digital transformation of companies has become a necessity. Even if some webmarketers work internally as employees for a company, the missions inherent in this profession also allow him to get freelance. But choosing to be completely independent also carries its risks, which can cause some hesitation in more than one.

Indeed, although this job can be particularly rewarding, especially when you have solid experience, certain points can hinder the decision to practice freelance: financial instability, cumbersome administrative procedures …

Webmarketing training

However, it is possible to exercise as a self-employed worker while earning a regular salary. To do this, you can opt for wage portage, a status which borrows both that of self-employed and that of employee.

Why does the wage portage work for the web marketing consultant?

When it comes to practicing freelance web marketing consultancy, salary portage is a form of employment that can prove to be advantageous on many points.

Wage portage, a status that offers more security

Wage portage is regulated by Law No. 2008-596 of the Labor Code relating to the modernization of the job market. The latter has helped to promote it among the various employment players, and makes provision for the consultant to benefit from more security in the exercise of his activity. These include professional liability insurance, which will be useful in particular to cover various material, immaterial and bodily damage caused to third parties.

Likewise, it is important to know that self-employed status does not usually allow you to benefit from the same guarantees as a company employee. in terms of social protection, thus obliging those who choose to take out additional guarantees. At this level, practicing freelance with the wage portage gives the possibility of taking advantage of these guarantees automatically.

Financial stability

While freelance status attracts the autonomy it offers, the financial instability that can be encountered cools some consultants. Even more so than at present, where the digital professions, and in particular that of the web marketing consultant, are very popular, it reigns fierce competition between freelancers.

In addition, your beginnings as a web marketer can be difficult, and it is not uncommon to have to go through a few slack periods. Wage portage makes it possible to remedy this situation, especially when you are starting out, sinceby having the status of salaried employee, your turnover will be translated into salary.

Wage portage

An option that facilitates freelance beginnings

Wage portage is an option which guarantees marketing consultants who choose this working method a certain level of support. Support is essential when you are starting out in freelancing. To practice as a web marketing consultant, it is more than ever necessary to justify specializations (SEO, outsourcing, online advertising, web analyst, etc.), which is not necessarily obvious at the start. Thanks to the training provided by wage portage companies, you will be able to deepen your knowledge to better target your customers.

Moreover, networking with professionals working in the same sector of activity offers the opportunity to develop your network of contacts, vast in this environment, and to facilitate your customer prospecting. Moreover, the training offered also generally relates to these themes: prospecting, commercial negotiation, communication …

A reduction in administrative tasks

Wage portage is part of these statutes where the administrative procedures to carry out the activity are reduced. Usual tasks such as invoicing, declarations to collecting organizations, drawing up quotes, etc. are taken care of by the carrier. In addition to training and workshops, the delegation of administrative tasks is part of the services that must be offered by the portage companies. Services, which note it, are chargeable. Management fees can also amount to 15% of your turnover.

More autonomy than the employee

Although you are subject to the wage system, the fact remains that you enjoy a great deal of autonomy in the exercise of your profession. Like any independent webmarketing consultant, you can set the operating conditions for your activity: timetables, prices, etc.

Webmarketing salary portage

Wage portage: how does it work?

The wage portage is a status and a working method in which 3 stakeholders interact: the employee carried (in this case the web marketing consultant), the wage portage company, and the client company for which the service will be performed .

This relationship is clearly defined in the article Article. L. 1251-64 of the Labor Code which specifies that the wearer must benefit from the wage system and be paid by the carrier company.

In detail, here are the rights and duties of each of the parties:

The employee carried

As a focused consultant and not less salaried in contract with a company, you agree to report your activities at scheduled frequencies and provide the information necessary to establish a pay slip. You will also need to have the material means necessary to perform your services, and respect the deadlines set under your contracts.

The fact that you must exercise your consultancy in web marketing, while remaining completely outside the company is also an element which differentiates you from the employee.

The porter company

The carrier company will be your employer and will therefore establish the carrying contract. She has the right to oversee your activities, but will have to take care of all administrative procedures such as salary payment, social declarations, etc.

Furthermore, it is up to the portage company to play the role of adviser for the consultant worn, by providing programs allowing him to evolve independently: training, workshops, tutoring, etc.

Note that an activity account must be established by the company in order to ensure the transparency of the direct debits inherent in management or carrying costs.