Today, the blog presents itself as a trendy digital tool with more than 409 million Internet users per month for WordPress blogs alone. Having become a standard in any digital marketing strategy, it is of particular importance for everything related to commercial prospecting. Find out how to make your blog your best prospecting ally!


Why capitalize on a blog for your prospecting?

There are many reasons to explain the interest of a blog linked to your website. We will endeavor here to give you the most important elements:

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Segment targets

Communicating on a blog requires precisely segmenting your different targets in order to interest them, but also not to overload the other targets with information for a message that would not concern them.

To do this, you need to determine a persona (your ideal client) for each target: what are their needs and expectations? His way of looking for information? His reason of being ? His buying habits? The segmentation of your target allows you in parallel to fix a number of potential customers, and therefore of prospects to contact, to finally lead to the traffic which you must generate on your site via your blog.

Learn from competitors

The idea here is not to simply copy an existing communication or blog, but to visualize how the competitor’s blog is organized. You will thus be able to determine a publication rhythm, an hour of publication, the themes to be tackled, the conversion scheme to adopt, the reading time of your articles (number of words per article)…

You will also see that a blog is not about promoting your business, it is almost the opposite that must take place. Talk about yourself (a little), but especially about what concerns your prospects. They seek information, expert advice, reinsurance. By addressing them directly and the subject they wish to address, you will capture their attention and prove all the more your expertise, an essential element of prospecting!

Design an editorial prospecting line

A blog is not created in a few weeks, just as a simple article published a year is not enough. By creating your editorial line annually, you will give rhythm and organization to your blog, but also to your commercial prospecting. Take into account the seasonality of your offer (products, date of calls for tenders, evolution of searches on search engines, etc.).

Also plan moments dedicated to the news, the interventions of personalities, suppliers, partners, guests. Add to that the pace instilled by your R&D (new product launch for example). To finish, choose a tone, a spirit, a semantic field optimized SEO and visually speaking and impactful.

Once all this is done, you will be able to plan the publications, while respecting the time you wish to allocate to your prospecting via the blog. Updating a blog takes time, but it’s as many leads you will bring to you.

Add moments of content moderation to this time. Because, if your articles are useful, they must also encourage discussion. So allow comments while limiting them via moderation in the backoffice of your website.

Publishing is also networking

A blog without a network will only work with difficulty, especially for prospecting. It is therefore essential to add a network building phase to the launch of your website containing a blog. Feel free to ask your own network to share the content of your latest articles. This is to generate interest among people gravitating around the network.

Consider relaying your articles on social networks, but be careful to do so only towards your target. The idea of ​​the network is not to talk to everyone, but to interest those who also interest you.

Encourage the action of your prospects

To prospect effectively, you must convert quickly and well. So remember to write articles by proposing CTAs (Call to action, or action buttons) that will encourage your Internet users to contact you. We will take for example CTAs such as “request a demo”, “learn more” …

Publish here and elsewhere

Prospecting has to be viral, like word of mouth whispered among your targets. To do this, do not hesitate to feed your blog, but also other blogs. External publications (more commonly called guest articles or forums) allow you to showcase all of your know-how and expertise.

Ideally, the publication may also contain a link to your website. The site is an example of a place to share articles with the criteria of your choice.

Sponsor your content

If the temptation to sponsor content is great, it must also be accompanied by a logic of commercial efficiency. So remember to qualify the target who will receive sponsored content, this in a limited time. A publication has a very short lifespan, do not sponsor it for days!

Place for writing

Now is the time to pick up your best pen and start your prospecting project using your newly created blog. Whether you are the best writer (we also tell you how here) or you want to delegate this writing service, keep in mind that the main asset of an article is that of being useful and unique. Get started!