How to take advantage of Facebook to increase traffic to your website - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Why promote your Facebook account

In our blog we promote the vision that each company should choose which or which social networks to use, depending on their identity, values ​​or productive sector, and that you should not necessarily be present at all. But without a doubt, Facebook has unique characteristics for you to consider having an active fanpage and a faithful community:

  • Offers an interaction with human and close fans
  • Promotes direct and personalized contact according to the interests of each person
  • It is the social network with greater reach and penetration
  • It has an extensive advertising system, for each objective of your business

Types of Publications you can use

In Marc’s social network you can offer different publications, according to your objective. Remember that you should not always try to sell! Our vision in this regard is that of 70-30, where 70% are related to content of interest to your audience, and limit the specific sales to 30%. Saturating your community with commercial messages can make your audience lose interest. It should be noted in any case that the rules are to be broken, and each brand must find the right balance in this regard.

Regarding the contents, we point out the most relevant aspects.

Content Generation:

Funny, interesting, thoughtful, surprising. The best initiative is
give the reader varied material in each publication but always
attractive to read.

Discounts and special offers

Facebook is ideal for viralizing important offers, discounts,
promotions and all kinds of advertising action

Promote Engagement

The gemstone of digital marketing can be harvested very well in this
social network since it allows a fluid dialogue and exchange of opinions with
the users.

Apps for Facebook

From contact form, contests to games, the applications are
one more way to communicate and give value to the brand

How to advertise on Facebook

Facebook has an extensive advertising system, with constant improvements and innovations, divided according to your marketing objectives.

As main tips, we highlight that in the case of Recognition Objectives, you should focus more on promoting your brand than on indiscriminately increasing your followers.

Regarding Consideration, its fundamental aspect is that it gives you more leads for your business, where Advertising of Potential Customer Generation stands out. Those interested leave their data within the Facebook platform, which promotes obtaining more contacts.

In “Conversion Objectives”, it is essential that you create special discounts to generate more sales.

fb advertising types


Finally, we focus on the value of statistics, since having metrics that you follow periodically is essential to understand how your work evolves. Facebook easily provides you with information on Actions, Visits, or Likes.

fb statistics

But often this is insufficient, since you may be interested in a different period of time, or get more information. In that case we recommend using the “Export Data” function, and download a form with everything you need to know.