This should not have escaped you, Google launched Adwords video campaigns. Discover the methods to take advantage of the traffic generated by YouTube at a controlled cost (performance model) or almost free.

Video is a very popular format, Médiamétrie tells us, for example, that 18-34 year-olds spend more time watching videos online than watching television.

The YouTube site in particular displays staggering numbers:

  • Across all countries, 4 billion videos are viewed every day when the equivalent of 1 hour of video is uploaded every minute.
  • In England, YouTube is the leading video site, but it is above all the 2nd search engine *.
  • 22.8 million people * visit YouTube each month when there are nearly 43 million French Internet users

* Source: Nielsen Médiamétrie panel, November 2011.

Recruit qualified traffic at a controlled cost on YouTube

To offer you visibility or recruit traffic on YouTube, you can either buy it via the Adwords network or optimize your SEO and the content of your video. The two methods are complementary.

Tip: There are different services for converting a sequence of images to video which can then be hosted on YouTube and other platforms. The Animoto service offers a free trial offer, for example.

Adwords campaigns for videos

You can now create, serve, and manage your YouTube video ads from Adwords.
The economic model is identical to that of text or banner ads on the search engine, advertisers pay for performance, that is to say that the action triggering billing is either click either the entire reading of video (TrueView format). The auction system is also the same, Average CPC / CPV is between € 0.08 and € 0.20.

There are 4 video ad formats that can be managed from Adwords.

youtube ads trueview
Presentation from left to right:

  • Advertisements TrueView InStream are available in three formats in videos of all durations: pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll.
    It is guaranteed 5 seconds of visibility to the video then it is possible to ignore it.
  • Advertisements TrueView InSearch are based on terms entered in the search engine, they are placed at the top of search results and suggestions for sponsored videos.
  • Advertisements TrueView InSlate are specific to long videos (>10 minutes). Before viewing the chosen video, Internet users can choose from 3 ads the one that interests them.
  • Advertisements TrueView InDisplay. This is to highlight your video on the form of “Recommended video” at the top right of the page.

SEO on YouTube

The same way you work your natural reference on conventional search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing for England), there are rules to apply so that your video is found and therefore viewed and shared.
This is all the more crucial as the competition is fierce on the platform (currently it would take more than a lifetime to watch all the hosted videos).

1- Create your page / channel on YouTube

By becoming a Youtube partner, you can create your brand channel (versus a simple video playback page). page dedicated to your brand / company centralizing your content.

The big advantages of a YouTube channel are that it allows you to customize your header and background (see the example of Wallmart below) to return to the pages of your choice and thus convert the visitor into a fan, subscribed, or client based on their goals.

Leverage YouTube traffic

Wallmart also presents its other social networks and links to a store locator.

2- Optimize the metadata of your videos

Meta is information that you add at the same time as you host the video on the search engine. They allow qualify the content and identity of the video for the search engine of YouTube, Google (which indexes the videos on its result page) and possibly for Internet users.

Metadata YouTube
Example of Metadata on a Zappos video

The most important are title, description and tags.

  • The title : it must contain the keywords specific to your video and can be inspired by the research that Internet users do to find videos (… high quality, how to do …, test of …, …). For this you can use the free keyword suggestion tool for YouTube.
  • The description : it can contain variations of the chosen title with repetitions on the targeted keywords. A link like Zappos does to its catalog is also a good practice.
  • Tags: This is the perfect place to place keywords that did not fit in the title or description. It is necessary to place between 10 and 20 tags approximately to make the most of this metadata.
  • You can use the‘Keyword suggestion tool for Youtube to help you find the right keywords.

3- Use annotations

Annotations are links or text boxes that you can embed to the kinematics of your video. They exist in different ways: text bubble, remark, title, spotlight effect and label. You can add them by editing your video.

These different tools allow you in particular at the end of your video to propose a call to action redirecting to other videos, a playlist, or its channel to extend exposure to your brand.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing showcases content that is viralized by people who share a video with friends or contacts. A phenomenon on the subject of viral videos (and therefore a good benchmark) are the French Norman, Cyprien and HugoToutSeul. With 113,605,788 views, Cyprien is for example one of the most watched YouTube actors.

Here are no miracle recipes but you can watch below the YouTube Rewind 2011 selection of the biggest video buzz of 2011:

If you want to share feedback on a traffic acquisition operation on Youtube, feel free to drop me a line or post a comment. This is also my first post for CWT Advertising & co’m, tell me if you like it, if you disagree etc …!