Understanding how to win customers through email is, without a doubt, a competitive advantage for any business. The lead trusted you, gave you your data and was willing to test your solution. From then on, the first message you send to him can be decisive between the “yes” and “no” of this consumer.

When a lead makes the decision to become your customer and you drag the opportunity to the “win” stage, it’s time to celebrate.

For the marketing team, the same goes for that contact who consumed all of their content in the email flow and applied for a free trial.

In both cases, these are people who are committed to the company based on what you have delivered as value to them so far.

They trusted everything you said and decided to try it out for your solution.

And now, what to do? How to win the customer, make it evolve through the pipeline and ensure this sale?

The first email, the “welcome” email, that initial message you send to him will be very decisive in this endeavor.

And today’s article helps you with 6 templates ready to, in an email, understand how to win over the customer who is testing your solution.

Want to know how this happens?

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How to win the customer and why is the first email so important?

How to win the customer in the first email?

This question can be answered with numbers so that you better understand the importance of an email that really has the power to persuade your prospects.

Welcome emails generally have a 4x higher open rate and have 5x more clicks than a regular email, according to an EmailMonks survey.

From then on you can understand the importance of the first email, right?

After all, your welcome email sets the starting point for your prospect’s impression of your brand.

It also helps to establish a connection and a level of dialogue between the two parties.

Here, in fact, the welcome email should be seen as the first message you exchange.

What will make him go further on his buying journey, jumping to a new stage.

The mission is always the same: make a positive initial impact, deliver value and arouse the lead’s curiosity.

As we said, this is not necessarily the first impression you will make.

After all, the prospect will certainly have already been impacted by some marketing strategies that your company has run.

But, one way or the other, you got it, right?

The first exchange of emails between a potential buyer and a seller needs to be of high impact and truly valuable to the first.

And to have it more clearly, take advantage and share it in your company’s sales playbook.

In fact, did you know that a playbook is also a sales script? Listen and understand better:

How to win the customer in the first email? CRM helps companies!

How to win the customer in the first email?

CRM plays a very important role in this initial email that will help the customer follow the other steps of the sales funnel – or pre-sales.

Companies that have already undergone the digital transformation of the sales sector rely on technology to be even more effective in this task.

A sales system helps in several ways: the first is to automate this task.

And you can do it by integrating the software with your website’s form, with the chatbot platform or with any other channel where a customer can become a lead and start trying out your solution.

From there, you put some automatic actions to run.

  1. Register the data of this customer in its base within the CRM;
  2. Create an opportunity at the stage and funnel you desire;
  3. Send your welcome email automatically.

For this, you have pre-configured email templates. All you have to do is choose the model and tell the system when it will be shipped.

Then, for each product or each conversion form you can have a specific email.

In addition, you can, inside the opportunity, track if my email was opened and if there were clicks on links you sent.

This way, you have the technology helping you to better understand how to win the customer through the first email.

6 email templates for you to understand how to win customers

How to win the customer in the first email?

A welcome email during your platform’s trial period is an excellent way to generate value to create an even stronger connection between buyer and company.

Valuable content that really focuses on the customer, with an exciting title, can stand out among hundreds of messages in the inbox.

The goal here is to achieve a meaningful connection and not an instantaneous deletion of your message.

So, to help you with this task, we have separated 6 email templates for you who want to understand how to win the customer in your initial approach.


1 – Trial start email

Companies that sign the welcome email have, according to a survey by Social Media Today, clickthrough rates 27% higher.

The study also points out that personalized emails create the feeling of an individual shopping experience, which increases trust and loyalty to the company.

Here’s a ready-made template:

Hello, [nome do cliente]!

I am the [seu nome], CEO of [nome da empresa] and I would like to personally thank you for testing our [nome do serviço/produto].

We at [nome da empresa] we have as mission [citar a missão].

I would love to hear what you think of ours [produto/serviço] and if there is anything we can improve on it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email.

A hug,


2 – Diagnostic email

How to win the customer in the first email?

A free diagnostic email is sent to prospects who have signed up on your website or on a landing page for quick advice.

Ideally, this email should be followed by a series of other emails (that is, put the lead in a nutrition flow) to be able, in the end, to make an offer.

See a ready template

Hello, [nome do cliente]!

What a pleasure to receive your contact for a free diagnosis.

Please fill out the form below to better understand your needs

Como conquistar o cliente no primeiro email? Veja 6 modelos prontos!

Keep an eye on your inbox for the next few days as we’ll send you the best tips for improving your business.

We’ll also talk about how companies succeeded through [citar seu produto/serviço] better results.

I’m available if you want to talk.

Big hug,


3 – Product-focused email

A focused on product introduction helps to generate value and be more successful in the mission of how to win the customer.

After all, he will present his solution in an easy, direct and didactic format.

The use of a video or webinar is a smart strategy at this point.

This makes the customer feel they are having individual support. That you care about being consultative and passing on really useful information to him.

Here’s a ready-made template:

Hello, [nome do cliente]!

It’s great to know that you’re interested in [produto/serviço]. It is a pleasure to have you with us!

We are confident that [produto/serviço] will help you [citar principais benefícios da solução].

Get to know a little better about him in this video: https://crmpiperun.com/blog/como-conquistar-o-cliente/

You will be guided by our team to ensure you get the best out of our service.

You can also find more information in the help and tutorials section of our website: https://crmpiperun.com/blog/como-conquistar-o-cliente/

I am available.

A hug,


4 – Free gift email

How to win the customer in the first email?

Who doesn’t like a discount, a special offer to encourage a purchase to be made?

If the prospect is testing your solution, you can offer a simple discount code, or a complementary product, to get them interested in buying as soon as possible.

An unexpected gift is a good practice for you to better understand how to win the customer with the first email.

Don’t forget to explore mental triggers at this point: activate the urgency to receive the “yes” from the client as soon as possible.

Here’s a ready-made template:

Hello, [nome do cliente]!

Thank you for signing up to test the [nome do produto/serviço].

As a special thank you, we offer a 15% discount for you to sign up for a paid plan.

Just click and use your coupon: https://crmpiperun.com/blog/como-conquistar-o-cliente/

Don’t forget that this condition is only valid for the next 3 days.

I am available.

A hug,


5 – Thank you email

This type of email serves to thank you for subscribing to your newsletter or to receive specific content.

In the latter case, you offer rich material and put the generated lead into a flow within your marketing automation platform.

The goal is to deliver, over the next emails, more in-depth content that will instigate potential customers to want to buy your solution.

It is common, at the end of the flow, to request a sales demonstration, for example, to actually start a negotiation.

But, of course, it all starts with the first email …

Here’s a ready-made template:

Hello, [nome do cliente]!

Thank you for subscribing to our weekly newsletter.

I take this opportunity and invite you to visit our section of materials rich with eBook, infographics, videos and more.

Como conquistar o cliente no primeiro email? Veja 6 modelos prontos!

If you want to get some more tips and other educational content, visit our blog: https://crmpiperun.com/blog/como-conquistar-o-cliente/

Or, if you prefer, talk to a [consultor/especialista] for deeper evaluation and information: https://crmpiperun.com/blog/como-conquistar-o-cliente/

I am available to talk.

A hug,


6 – Reminder email

How to win the customer in the first email?

For SaaS companies, especially, who are able to monitor their customers’ logins (or those who are testing the platform), this email is particularly important.

Remember email is strategic within the mission of understanding how to win the customer.

You will send a message not only greeting the test, but also sharing the login URL, as well as the registered user and the password automatically generated by the system.

This will facilitate access to the prospect that is still adapting to your solution.

Here’s a ready-made template:

Hello, [nome do cliente]!

I am the [nome], CEO of [empresa]. It is a pleasure to have you with us!

We can’t wait for you to start using [produto/serviço] and see the results in your company.

I leave you with the link to access our platform: https://crmpiperun.com/blog/como-conquistar-o-cliente/

And also your username and password:


I take advantage and share our Help Center with content and tutorials for you to have the best experience possible with our tool. https://crmpiperun.com/blog/como-conquistar-o-cliente/

If you feel the need, our support team can be called via email: [email]

I am available.

A big hug,


With these 6 email templates, you better understand how to win customers and the power that a persuasive message brings to your business.

Oh, don’t forget to send it inside your CRM to have the important metrics for your business.

So, how can we help you?

If you were in doubt about the article or want to share some “pain” of your business, talk to a consultant when you need to.

Enjoy and read two articles that will help you convert more prospects into customers.

The first brings techniques on how to approach a customer for the first time.

The second, on the other hand, talks about the most difficult types of customers to serve – and how to sell to them.

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