How to write on the Internet? - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Learn to write on the internet like a professional

It all begins with an analysis of the current life of the readers, where we can conclude that they are no longer the same as before, their habits have changed over time and each time they spend less time reading, For example, they no longer read newspapers on paper during breakfast or during lunch, but, in their brief lapses traveling by subway or waiting for others, they take the opportunity to read from their mobile or notebook.

The digital content has many utilities, it can be adapted to blogs, social networks, web pages, among others, that is why it will be key, before starting to write, keep in mind the objective of communication.

Characteristics of digital content:

There is no definition for digital content but we can gather characteristics that will help us create quality content before starting to create it, for example:

Objective of the communication: What we want to achieve with the writing will be key when we start writing.

Creative Titles: let’s select words or phrases that generate impact, tempt readers to read and relate to the content of the communication. Recall that the title of the note is very important, as it can also be used as a subject in an email, blog entry or copy of a post on social networks.

Featured Content: It should be almost the summary of the note, briefly transmit the main content.

Dynamism: We must generate connection with people through writing to motivate them to continue reading, making the content have a value in itself.

Descriptive images: Let’s take advantage of graphic resources, since they are very helpful when simplifying writing, because they generate a much faster reaction in the digital reader.

Constant reading: The editors must read, both the sites that share content similar to ours, as well as others that do not relate so much to us but stand out on the web, not to imitate them but to enrich our vocabulary and therefore, our writing.

Is generating quality newsrooms part of a Marketing strategy?

Marketing has begun to integrate more and more content into its strategy, which is why we must share valuable content for our readers, to start doing so.

Four tips for writing on the internet:

1- List the topics related to your target audience

2- Define a strategy where the contents are intertwined

3- Investigate to answer the questions: What? Who? When? Where? How? Why?

4- Use Google Trends to find the exact words people use in their searches.

Before posting the content, we recommend reading what we write and rewriting the same thing but using different tones in the communication, this exercise is useful if we do it at least three or four times, as a result, we will obtain the same content but with different types of narratives, this will help us identify our own style and choose the best one to share with our followers.

Do not forget to check the spelling and punctuation of the text before publishing our communication, one of the most common mistakes is, for example, to put a point to the title. The speaker suggests that we stop for a moment to look at the text as if it were an image and pay attention to the breaks of the writing to evaluate if the reader will have a comfortable experience when reading.