How we turned from face-to-face to home office in 1 day 2020 -

If we start this post by saying “it was easy”, we would be lying. It was not easy.

But when you have an incredible team like ours here at CWT, the mission will always be accomplished in an agile way.

We were already aware of the events about Covid-19 and that would inevitably arrive in England with epidemic status.

The guidelines around the world were clear: #F staying at home.

We understand that measures would be necessary to preserve Pipe’s most precious asset: people.

Our mission was to move the entire team from the two units to the home office to preserve the health of us and our families.

All this without losing the quality of service for customers who need us even more now and who are also migrating their sales operations to the home office.

“Our challenge was clear. We defined an immediate multidisciplinary action plan with a one-day deadline to turn to remote work. There were many variables and each day makes a difference ”, says Cezar, CWT’s CEO.

We considered aspects such as telephony infrastructure, computers, headsets, legal aspects, guidelines on how to proceed to protect against the virus, new daily communication routines and team alignment and others.

“Fortunately, we count on the agility of our suppliers who took it with us and supported us so that we could execute the plan as soon as possible.” Sabrina, responsible for the Administrative area.

Our transition, as we said, was very quick. In some challenges, we were already preparing a digitalization of procedures even before COVID, as in the case of the point registration that we were preparing a tool for online journey registration.

“What we did was, in fact, anticipate this project, which gave us immense agility”, he adds.

On Monday (3/16) the administrative team and other employees from different areas formed a task force to put everything on its feet and be able to release all employees to the home office until the following Wednesday.

One of the factors that greatly facilitated us was the fact that the company made a strategic decision 3 years ago to always buy notebooks for employees. This was decisive for the agility in the turnaround.

Organizing the routine

Parallel to this, we needed to structure our routine so that there was no impact on our customer service.

Support teams, customer success, implementation, sales and marketing, product … the idea was: do not change work processes at all. Just making adaptations for the fact that we are not working side by side in the office.

“The first step was to make a material to adapt our employees. Tips on how to organize a home environment, how to be productive, these things. This was in charge of our Agilista Thays who performed very well. ”, Says Cezar.

“And there were infrastructure issues. Telephony, access … everything needed to be 100% to continue our work normally, “says Sabrina.

And a task force was carried out on Monday. Each item was checked and validated. We were ready.

At the end of that day, we agreed on the routine of videoconference meetings: every day, at the end of the day, we are talking to maintain alignment.

Today we can say: that we had a 0% impact on our customer operation.

In one day we managed to make all our employees ready to work from home.

We protect our employees and the people they love. We create a circle of care, without neglecting the zeal for our customers.

That’s how we are.