How you support small businesses with your business 2020 -

Every company started out small. In this early phase you set the standards for later years, take risks, come to surprising insights and lay the foundation for a stable business. This might entail enlisting the support of IT support services in Denver or you may decide to take care of the digital side of your operations in-house. Some grow into larger companies like CWT Advertising, others develop into highly specialized freelancers or consultants. And all offer diversity, personality and innovation.

These small businesses are currently facing a major challenge. If you’ve ever thought about the future of local businesses, now is the time to act. With just a few small things, you can help small business owners get through this crisis.

Of course, we want all companies to survive the corona virus safely. But some companies have more financial reserves than others. If your company can handle a setback, you’re in a good position to help others.

And even if you don’t have a lot of money, there are some things you can do to help your business partners.

1 Give big projects to small businesses

A big order is the greatest gift you can give a small business – especially if you’re concerned about finances. A large project that requires a lot of hours of work and an upfront payment can mean the difference between survival and bankruptcy.

Are you looking for someone to translate your website, create educational content or redesign your office? Then now is the time to place this order with a small company.

2 Uses small businesses as external consultants

You must have had a great team in your big company. But your team is probably only working with other parts of your company. Small companies, on the other hand, work with many different partners on different projects. The self-employed and freelancers see so many large companies from the inside that they gain very special insights.

Therefore, it may be worthwhile for you to hire a small business to get an extra look at. Have an independent accountant review your books and make recommendations, have a catering service develop a new vegetarian menu, or ask a librarian for advice on how best to archive your records.

3 Rounds up

You can always add a few euros. Round up in the corner shop to the next euro or the next five or ten. If you work with a freelancer, his fee is rounded up to a nice round number.

4 Give small businesses more time to deliver

How productive can you be when you work from home and the bored kids keep yelling for attention? Working in the home office is not easy in these times. Extending the deadline is a great way to reduce the pressure a bit.

Do you really need the report by Friday? Or is next week sufficient? If a project loses priority during the corona virus outbreak, you can help small businesses and freelancers by giving them more time and flexibility.

5 Grants deferred payments

Of course, your company also needs money to survive. But if you have enough on the high edge, you can now prove your generosity. Invest in your business partners by giving them a little more time to pay bills.

6 Customize your needs

Nobody says that you suddenly have to accept bad work! But is it really that bad if an external designer has to spend less time on your presentation? If it’s for internal use only, the ultimate PowerPoint fireworks display may not need to be burned down.

Check out the current jobs freelancers do for you and ask yourself, “How could I reduce your workload?” What is really necessary and what is just “nice to have”?

7 Donate

There are already some fundraisers that are designed to help freelancers, the self-employed and small businesses in need. With a donation, you support those who need your help the most and ensure that small businesses remain a living part of the global economy.

Alternatively, you can donate to research or aid projects to combat the corona virus and thus help small businesses indirectly. If you don’t have money on hand for a donation, you can still donate your computer’s computing power to corona research projects.

By the way, you cannot only help as an entrepreneur. There are many ways to support small businesses as consumers.

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If these tips were helpful to you, please share them with others. Our behavior now affects the chances of survival of many small businesses.