My story, my convictions: I have been accompanying companies for several years in their strategic Commercial and Marketing development …

My main objective is above all to understand the social identity and the added value, the core business, the values ​​that drive you. I would like to understand the promise you want to make to your customers, the vision of your presence and your environment and then take an outside look at this existing strategy, or set up tailor-made support to co-build with you on the court , medium or long term.

A conviction that drives me: people must remain at the heart of the strategy. It is in exchange that we learn to grow every day, to bring each other to overlap our expertise to form a team.

Digital is a real facilitator for making contact, but it will not replace a friendly face-to-face exchange with a future client or partner.

Through the various exchanges that I am fortunate to have during my client meetings, I feel pressure for lack of mastery of this new strategy, a need for perfection, “Do I do right or wrong by doing this or that?” Will I have control if I act this way? Where is the framework that defines the limits? How do I get out of my comfort zone? ”

Social Selling – learning

Like any strategy, the social selling is above all a learning, a story that builds up as you go and that you will appropriate.

Through experiences, meetings, sharing opinions and opinions, you will realize that it is not perfect, but that there is a place for everyone!

I have been experiencing it myself for some time and it is a real condensed of emotions, people with extraordinary journeys, exchanges of expertise, emotions, joy, happiness, surprises, disappointments (sometimes also) events that allow us real connections (the 1st #SocialSellingforum in Strasbourg, then a few weeks later, the #SocialSellingforum in Paris, next upcoming events Bizz and Buzz). thanks to Loic Simon for making this possible.

Social Selling, the 2.0 way to make contact for all?

Social networks have taken an important place in both private and professional life. This is what you might call the new ” phenomenon “. You probably have an account Facebook to follow your friends and share with them certain slices of life. You may also have an account LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram to talk about your brand, corporate events, exchange ideas, develop your network, build partnerships or, on the contrary, leave fallow for 4 years because one day someone told you that it would be appropriate to ‘open one …

Social selling or social selling, whose approach consists in using social networks in the sales process, is on the rise. Social networks are an integral part of business strategy and are presented as a real facilitator in making contact.

Develop relationships through social networks, Twitter, LinkedIn allows a more fluid, less invasive connection with potential prospects.

The diversity of communication channels can increase feedback.

The use of networks is part of a global change management strategy that generates several recurring questions that I can observe during customer support:

  • Is the presence on social networks obvious for all businesses?
  • It is no longer a question of asking why to be there, since it is a compulsory passage (a bit like a driving license!), But how to best sit there?

– For those who have not yet developed a digital strategy:

  • Is this an opportunity for the manager to raise his team to an awareness of the collective issue?
  • Have you defined the strategies that set you on this path and the monitoring of these objectives by indicators?
  • Do you know what you are ready to give, share on networks?

– For those already present:

  • What would be your return in 4 keywords? Based on what strategies do you plan to develop your presence?
  • What experiences could you gain from these first months / years of presence?


The 10 keys that count?

Commercial culture is totally changing on networks, we learn to give before receiving, sharing, creating links. By accompanying my clients, I find 10 keys that count and guide the strategy:

  1. The vision of social selling for the manager
  2. Team awareness;
  3. Understand social identity;
  4. The vision of the environment;
  5. Position the added value;
  6. Targeting customers / prospects;
  7. The editorial line;
  8. Frequency of publications (white papers, testimonials);
  9. The promise to the customer;
  10. The medium-term forecast and the team report.

Social Selling is not a quick fix or magic potion that replaces the business process

The virtual does not replace the real. An appointment, a fundamental point of a discovery strategy, will allow you to create an emotional bond with your prospect. It’s up to you to receive the information that you will be given to stay at the heart of customer relations.

Social networks can support a sales process, but they are by no means a sales channel. The users of a professional B2B social network motivate their presence to learn about current events, meet interesting people in a professional context, and establish the presence of their brand.

A “good approach” Social Selling must make it possible to generate business, to make beautiful professional meetings, to participate in events, to find current interests, but it is also the opportunity to build long-term relationships term. Better a quality audience that you will have taken the time to know than a disproportionate community of anonymous …

Be yourself, that’s your story

I want to tell you: don’t just do it because it’s the trend of the moment. Take the time to consult several experts who will be able to give you keys. Let yourself be guided by your intuition and common sense, you are at the heart of YOUR business history, it is your DNA. It must match your identity and what you are looking for through this process.

“Be yourself the others are already taken” Oscar wild