Imgbot, a website to optimize and modify images for free - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
There are many applications that help us reduce the size of a website, or cut it, alter its width and length … online photo editors are not lacking, but the resource we present today is so simple and practical that it is worth highlighting.

This is, a website that offers four different functions, although none of them are extremely innovative:

– Change the scale: Reduce the length and width of any photo we send you, easily, without creating an account or giving descriptions. We just upload the image and specify how we want the result.

– The compresses: Something similar to what tinypng does. It reduces its weight so that by putting it on the Internet people do not have to download huge files. Optimized images will load much faster and take up less storage space. Imgbot image compression algorithms offer up to 25% more compression than other image compression tools, they promise.

Trim photos, and you can do it in a group. We just have to upload the photos we want and select the cropping area for each one. When finished, the program will do its job and will download a zip with all the modified files.

– Add watermarks. With the possibility of doing it in several photos at the same time, we can put a text or image transparently on our photos to indicate its origin, for example.

All actions can be performed with groups of up to 100 photos at the same time, and each photo can reach 25 megabytes, numbers much higher than those offered by free tools on the market.