Implement a survey on your Website to know the opinion of your customers - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
Do you want to know in more detail what your customers think about your products? Know the level of attention they receive? Or have new ideas for your business?In CWT Advertising You can take advantage of the functionality of “Custom Forms”, to create Simple a survey and know the opinion of your customers and prospects. Here we tell you how you can implement it and an image of what you could achieve.

simple site survey

1. Create a new Content page

In our editor, create a new content page

create simple site survey form

2. Define the privacy level of your survey

You have different alternatives about who can view this new page.

  • If you want it to be visible to all visitors to your website, simply add it in the normal way, and you will have access from the main menu.
  • A variant of the above is to generate it as a subpage, thus being displayed in a submenu.

create subpage on simple sites

  • If you plan to spread it through other channels, you have the option of hiding it from your menu. For that, drag it to the “out of menu” section

pages out of menu in simple places

  • Finally, and to give you a complete combo!, You can choose within the editing options of your page, limit it to registered users, as it’s shown in the following. This is possible for any of the three previous variants.

page visible only to registered users

3. Insert a custom form to create your survey

Within your new content page, add a form, as you can see here:

add custom form

4. Add the fields of your survey

Drag to your new custom survey: text fields, long text fields (observations) and selection fields.

  • Within text fields, you can for example indicate that it is an email, and CWT Advertising It will automatically validate the correct syntax.

email validation in web form

  • within a selection field, add all the possibilities you want to offer, as you can see below.

add options to list field

  • In all cases, check the required fields you want

5. View your results!

  • Each time a user completes the data, you will receive the results via email in your email box associated with CWT Advertising

mail with survey results

  • Additionally, in the statistics section of your site, you can view the number of responses obtained.