2014 is here and you are wondering what you can do to improve your SEO on the Internet, not to say “on Google”. Should you go through a professional SEO agency or do it yourself, solo? But this may not be the first question to ask yourself …

As a website owner, you want to gain maximum visibility on Google but above all, acquire the maximum number of qualified visitors who contact you, who buy your products, … who show interest in what you offer. Let’s take a look at what every website owner or SEO newbie needs to understand about SEO in 2014.

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In 2013, especially with its penguins, Google brought enough novelties to occupy us for a while. However, these modifications risk continuing to “pollute” the landscape during 2014.

Don’t buy a link

Google has been asking you the same thing for years. He’s been saying it for a long time

Do not pay to get links to your site, do not pay to improve your SEO.

And yet, too many site owners think they work well by buying links. For non-SEO specialists, this may seem understandable, but it must change. Any business that has a website should know that you should not buy links.

Evolution of Google and SEO

A few years ago, SEO was very easy. Put your keyword a few times on a page and make sure the links to it have the right keywords.

Then there were some adaptations of Google’s algorithm, but there was really no big change. Links were what really mattered, and while some SEOs wanted to be white hats, others just bought links out of the blue. It was only recently that Google began to “abuse” its authority.

Penguin and Panda have evolved. Google now wants your business to seriously build on the web. He wants commitment, social interaction and sharing. He wants you to create high value content so that we can link to you. No more bottomless articles and massive submissions to directories. You have to work to get links.

The problem, no one outside of the SEO specialists has noticed these changes. The result: people think it is always that easy to do SEO. Entrepreneurs are still buying links to sometimes questionable SEO services, and think they may pop up, or stay, in the early results of Google.

Advice for apprentice SEO

You have your business and can’t waste your time trying to optimize your website’s SEO. It’s understandable. But keep in mind these few points (whether you optimize your SEO alone or work with an SEO agency, you must know them):

  • SEO is constantly evolving;
  • Google is also evolving;
  • What was valid yesterday no longer necessarily applies today;
  • There is no definitive result;
  • Your competitors also do SEO;
  • You must work WITH your agency;
  • If you have duplicate content, delete it;
  • If you have harmful links, delete them;
  • If you have too little content on your site, bring it.

Let’s take a closer look:

Evolution of SEO techniques

This is currently the case and will probably always remain so. What worked yesterday and still today could be part of what should be avoided tomorrow. The SEO is not a science and evolves over time, depending on the mood of those good old engines ;-).

Google is also evolving

Google is not immutable. It evolves at the same time as the behavior of the Internet user. He is perfecting his technology. He’s constantly changing his algorithm, trying to lose SEO specialists … and he’s by far the leader in web search. Google sets the rules, not us. You have to adapt to it if you want to maintain your visibility.

Entrepreneurs, what should you understand by that? If Google changes the rules, what you did a few months ago may be “destroyed”.

You have to listen to your SEO agency. Listen to it seriously. SEO techniques are evolving and you have to listen to your environment. Your agency is there to maximize your chances of staying on top. I understand that it can be annoying for you, website owner. But some actions must be carried out as a priority. You might want to get more relevant links, but if you have bad links pointing to you, take care to deny them first.

Your competitors also do SEO

Your competitors may have been doing SEO for years. Keep this in mind and don’t try to cut corners. Your agency will do its best to optimize your SEO but know that the age of a site is important and its optimization too. Target relatively specific expressions. You can widen your land later.

Work with your agency

Requesting the services of an SEO agency does not mean that you have nothing left to do. No matter how much control she has over your site, you will always have some of the work to do yourself. Work like real partners, this will maximize your results.

Take care of your duplicate content

Duplicate content, pages that are too similar in content, is not at all appreciated by Google. If your agency tells you to delete this content, it is not to tease you but to avoid Google’s wrath. If you don’t take care of it, you go straight into the wall.

Yes, I understand that it is sometimes painful to create unique content on each of your pages. But that’s what Google wants to see. You will not escape it. You can hire a copywriter or an agency specializing in writing content for the web and they will take care of that. Either way, you should take care of (getting) deleted any duplicate content.

Deny any harmful link

This is one of the latest evolutions from Google. It takes more into account any harmful link that points to your site. If your site is linked to harmful sites, they must be deleted to avoid being penalized. Again, take care of this before you start any further optimizations or seek new links.

Google offers a tool to deny links that you consider harmful. But if you think that it is enough to use them to be quit of any bad attendance, you are mistaken. Google wants you to work.

It can take a long time. If you suffer a penalty, this may require the request of 6 or 7 reconsiderations before you see it removed. After removing this penalty, it may take a little longer for you to go back up in the results. Overall, this job can be very long.

Bring content to your site

Yes, it is possible to benefit from a good SEO without real content. But the growing competition is a little more difficult every day. Your agency will probably ask you to create a minimum of quality, unique content for each of your pages. It’s in your interest alone.

You and your agency, a winning team

All these points mentioned here have their importance in our current climate. Make sure you understand and understand them, whether you work alone or with an SEO agency.

Do not expect immediate results following your optimizations. You would be lost in advance.

For 2014, SEO will become more complex. You must be patient. Work hand in hand with your agency. Listen to her ! Follow his advice. Don’t just do some easy optimizations and forget about the ones that require more work.

Take all these points into account, and fly over 2014. To be reassured, know that if you work properly, that you follow these tips, you will seize many opportunities and be successful. I wish you all a happy new year.