Faced with changing consumer behavior and spurred by the internet, brands today find themselves faced with a dilemma: “How to retain and attract new customers? “ With a relevant inbound marketing strategy, you can adapt your marketing to new customer journeys. Through this article, you will know everything you ever wanted to know about inbound marketing, even what you never dared to ask …

1) Inbound marketing reinvents traditional marketing

Let’s start by going back to basics. What is inbound marketing? It’s a new technique aimed at attracting customers to themselves without having to interrupt their journey. This more ROIste method than ever, is based on listening to the needs of your consumers and combines several channels adapted to all stages of your customers’ journey.

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In fact, by implementing an inbound marketing strategy, you will know your target in depth. This way you will get the right message, on the right channel, at the right time and to the right person. What could be more effective in marking the minds of your consumers?

Inbound marketing is not a trend, it is a real background transformation. Why ? Simply because it reinvents traditional marketing.

By practicing inbound marketing you will adapt your speech by directly targeting the interests of your customers. The objective is to build strong ties with your audience by conversing with her without interrupting her journey. So you’re not going to talk to a prospect the same way you’re talking to one of your existing customers. What could be more relevant?

You would have understood it, inbound marketing is not a fleeting trend but a new paradigm. So, I created just for you a little lexicon on inbound marketing.

2) Inbound marketing glossary

Omnichannel route, that is to say?

The omnichannel customer journey represents the combination of all channels that consumers can use to get in touch with your brand. Now, the customer inquires before making his purchase and wants to be able to benefit from a privileged relationship with the company. By knowing their course perfectly, you will be able to provide your customers with the best possible offer. Convinced?

Smarketing, for smart?

Smarketing is the combination of words Sales and Marketing. The goal is to align the goals of your sales and marketing teams. Why ? To improve the performance of your strategy. Thanks to this technique, your two teams will have a perfect knowledge of your leads and will be able to capture their attention more. Do not hesitate !

Conversion tunnel where do we see the end?

The conversion tunnel is a key performance indicator or KPI which allows you to analyze at what stage you gain or lose customers on your website. With this tool you will be able to optimize your marketing by readjusting your strategy to maximize your conversion rates.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is a mentality! The purpose of this technique is improve your business growth using as few resources as possible. Growth Hacking is particularly well suited to a startup environment since it is a dynamic marketing method that knows how to evolve and adapt to all environments.

User generated content, UGC like cinema?

User generated content refers to content created or influenced by Internet users. Let’s explain, now, if you want, you can give users the possibility to write a blog post on one of the subjects that your business is dealing with!

This highly acclaimed technique allows Internet users to express themselves and thus give your brand credibility. This can include writing articles, producing videos, the photo… Nice No?

Smart Data huuumm but still?

Smart data is the opposite of big data, this bulimic method of statistical data that is often not very relevant. Too much data kills data! Smart data allows you to collect highly qualified and relevant data from your targets. Thanks to this technique you will be able to build a One to One relationship with your customers and prospects and obtain a very good ROI.

Now that you know how to speak Inbound, do not hesitate to explore all the facets of this new territory, have a good trip!