Increase photo display in SERPs 2020 -

Google tells us on this page that you can increase the likelihood that the author’s photo will be displayed in the SERP, adding the rel = “author” tag only on pages that contain only one article and of which you are actually the author …

So a priori it is not advisable for:

Training & Co'm
  • home page ;
  • an ecommerce site product sheet;
  • the catalog page of your ecommerce;
  • a page that lists the items in a category or tag;
  • a forum ;
  • a contact page;
  • legal mentions ;
  • etc …

The problem

You may have noticed that by entering a Google+ link in your WordPress profile, authorship validation is automatic for all articles by this author, via an indirect link as follows:

The problem stems from the way WordPress automatically assigns a web page to an author as long as they fill in the Google+ URL field in their profile. One of the authors or the author must also have created the contact page, the home page or any other page that should not be assigned a rel = “author” tag.

The solution

As usual, a lot of users immediately went looking for a plugin to fix this problem, but a plugin is not necessary, and the solution is incredibly simple:

From your dashboard, create a new user with an author role, for the sole purpose of assigning the pages to be disowned. Of course, do not fill out the social media profiles for this user.

Now go to one of the pages of which you do not wish to be the confirmed author, then click on modify. In the upper right corner, click on ” Screen options “And check that the” Author Is checked.

Screenshot Scroll to the bottom of the screen and assign the page to the newly created user before saving, then repeat the process for all pages to be disowned.


Then check for the absence or presence of authorship using the structured data test tool (Google Rich Snippet Tool) and enter the URL of the page where you have withdrawn authorship to make sure everything is working well.

N.B .: For my part, I decided to leave authorship for my home page and I also recommend it, provided you add text. I also reworked the display of the “Category” pages in order to legitimately leave them authorship, and to make portal pages of certain sections of the site as for this page which groups together different tutorials to install WordPress, and this page which lists different steps to optimize the speed of WordPress. For my WordPress forum it was enough to withdraw the authorship for the home page and all the child pages of the forum followed automatically.

I have nothing to verify it, but if you believe Google, you have just increased the likelihood of your photo being displayed in SERPs, and increased the trust Google places in your author profile. Nice promotion, you are now working for one of the biggest companies on the web!