Increase your sales by reducing the fears of your customers - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Every day we lose the fear of making a transaction online, especially when it involves placing our credit card. Many services or items are only acquired through this channel, so we get used quickly. Now, not everything is rosy and there is still a lot of resistance when entering personal or card data, so it is very important to reduce the fears of our customers and achieve the highest possible confidence.

From CWT Advertising we bring you some tips so you can reduce these fears and achieve more sales.

Is it safe to use my card here?

The most common fear is the distrust of placing the credit card data in an e-commerce, especially when the payment gateway is not recognized by the buyer. The best way to reduce this fear is to choose reputable entities, used by high traffic sites, such as large online stores or the same Mercadolibre, eBay or similar portal.

The user will feel familiar with the brand, at least they will have seen it in other portals and will be able to trust more easily knowing that the data of their card is placing them in a recognized payment gateway. Usually these services allow you to make the payment leaving your site; It is proven that this instead of being counterproductive is totally beneficial, the person feels more secure if they load the card data in this recognized entity. For us, sellers, the situation cannot be better, integrating the services of a 100% payment gateway on our site is much more expensive than using the services of large entities such as PayPal or MercadoPago through their web services.

If you use CWT Advertising, you don’t have to worry about any of this, you can choose to use MercadoPago, TodoPago, PayPal, PayU. Enter your account details and you can start receiving payments instantly.

Another option you can consider is to offer alternative payment methods. Allow your customers to pay by means other than credit cards, such as wire transfer or cash on delivery.

How will the product I am going to buy?

In an e-commerce the client does not have the possibility of touching the product, looking at it from different perspectives, trying it, therefore a common fear is not knowing if the product will be to my liking. It is important to use all the resources provided by the tool to best describe the item to be sold.

Describe in detail the product, highlight its advantages, add photos from all possible angles, if they are professionals, much better!, Also load their weight and dimensions. Clear common doubts in the description, add a video; It is easier to achieve a sale if the customer has in his hands all the information of what he wants to buy.

Will the product arrive?

Your customer will always want to make sure that your product will arrive in a timely manner. To achieve this confidence you must be very clear and precise in the information you provide when you explain your shipping methods. Clear all doubts so that the user should not contact you before making the purchase. If possible, inform how many days the product will be in your home or when you can remove it.

It is highly recommended to use a recognized, serious and reliable logistics service. In CWT Advertising we integrate as a provider of shipments to OCA, leader in Argentina in logistics services. If you want to know more about how to use this feature click here.

I will not buy in a virtual store!

Your site should offer a “real store” experience for the user less familiar with e-commerce. Taking into account small things we can achieve great results when retaining a fearful customer.

  • Backup of the physical store: If in addition to your online channel you have a physical store, publish its full address and even its location on a map. Add phones and contact email. If you do not have a physical place, publish your email address and telephone numbers clearly, which are easy to find. You can use a “contact” or “who we are” page to report this data.
  • A good design provides greater confidence: The design of your e-commerce site is essential when it comes to building trust. Invest in design, an attractive, modern, and adaptable mobile store will convert much more than one with an obsolete design. Attract your visitors, not the repellers. If you want to delegate this task, we have the WeDo Plan that will allow you to have an attractive and functional store designed by experts.
  • Post real testimonials: reading a successful experience motivates the buyer to continue researching our products.
  • Graphic material is everything: Do not abuse the text, use images to communicate your message. If you sell tangible products, upload real photos. Make your visitors know your articles through photos, and if possible in their context of use. Publish a page with your company’s data, add photos of your team, show a “more human” image.

Is there nobody here who can help me?

Sometimes our customers need a little push to make a purchase, if on our site there is no resource to give it, it is a lost purchase. So that this does not happen we advise you to create a page of frequent questions where all doubts about the purchase process are cleared.

Create forms to receive feedbacks, if queries are repeated, add them to your frequently asked questions. If you have the possibility to add a online chat Better yet, having a person on the other side who can help and offer answers quickly will help us to finalize the sale.

Remember that CWT Advertising has the ability to integrate third-party tools through its tool «Custom Code»Through which you can not only integrate an online chat, but also all kinds of tools that help improve the engagement of your store.