Industrial SMEs, whatever your sector of activity, the age and the degree of maturity of your company, it is in your interest to invest in an inbound marketing strategy. Because yes, this type of marketing far from being reserved for digital companies has its place within your structure. Why ? Answer in 6 main arguments…

Inbound to inform

It’s a fact: as information is now readily available and abundantly available, your prospects will look for data on your products, services and business before any decision is made. The first reflex for the majority of them will undoubtedly be to type the name of your company on the search engines. In the case of an empty site, even nonexistent, your prospects could go their way and go to the competition.

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Inbound to enhance your expertise

Companies, take a moment to swap roles. When you are in the role of buyer, do you not want to ensure the expertise of the company in front of you? Of course, the answer is yes. So how do you hope to convince your prospects of your know-how if you do not offer them any content outside of the sales brochure? Think wider, webinars, infographics, articles, videos…

Inbound to strengthen the relationship

Since sales cycles are relatively important in the industry, inbound marketing makes it possible to reassure your prospects on a regular basis. Each new content then constitutes an opportunity to maintain and strengthen contact. Named lead nurturing, this strategy which aims to take care of your prospects throughout the relationship to ultimately support them in their act of purchase, is today more than ever essential.

Inbound to support other media

Far from replacing your existing marketing supports, inbound marketing will on the contrary allow them to be enriched and therefore to enhance them. This complementarity is particularly significant in the context of events such as trade fairs. By creating and distributing content upstream, during the event and of course downstream, you will be able to prepare your targets for your arrival and ‘work’ on long-term contacts. Creating content during your event will also allow you to communicate dynamically with your targets.

Inbound for a long-term strategy

Once online, your content will remain active and will contribute over time to improve your natural referencing. Unlike adwords-type campaigns or any other ad hoc action, your traffic will not drop dramatically when your paid campaigns stop. With a content creation strategy, you will go through publications to create your audience and go up in search engine results.

Inbound to sell

Sales, the nerve of war! By concentrating the efforts of the marketing and sales departments within the same project, inbound marketing will significantly develop your leads and therefore your sales. And that’s not all. By experimenting, improving, even ‘industrializing’ your strategy, you will be able to automate the generation of prospects and reactivate your old contacts.

Companies, you now know why inbound marketing makes sense in a sector such as industry. Do not miss this powerful tool and do not hesitate to be advised by content creation professionals, you have everything to gain.