Color is the impression produced by a tone of light in the visual organs, or more exactly, it is a visual perception that is generated in the brain. Within marketing, color is one of the main characteristics that allows us to seduce customers to attract them to our products and services.Colors have a great influence on the psychological behavior of each individual, and buying decisions were not going to be less. According to a study by Color Marketing Group, a firm specialized in the use of colors, color represents 85% of the importance in the decision to buy a product or service.

But colors are not only important when choosing a product, they are also essential in branding, to provide the brand with certain values ​​for consumers. That is why the choice of colors for your brand is something you should choose very carefully.

What should you consider when choosing the color of your brand?

All brands have a color that represents them and in most cases when naming us a brand, their color is the first memory that comes to mind. In short, choosing a corporate color is one of the most important steps if you are learning to design logos. When choosing the color for your brand you must answer some basic questions

What emotions do you want to provoke?

Leatrice Eiseman, in her book The color: messages and meanings, He explains that colors cause different emotions in human beings. Therefore, you should reflect on what emotions you want your brand to convey and use colors that are in line with them.

What tones are used in my industry?

Pay attention to the tones that are mainly used in your industry so as not to choose a color that does not look natural when associating your brand with that industry. For example, in the United States, red is associated with meat, silver with dairy products or yellow with desserts.

What is the personality of your brand?

As we said at the beginning the colors convey emotions, but also personality to your brand. That is why you must decide which are the most appropriate colors to convey the personality you want to give your brand.

What colors does the competition use?

A great way to differentiate yourself from the competition, especially if they have won a large market share, is the color. For example, Pepsi uses blue as opposed to Coca-Cola red.

Are the colors in line with my message?

Consumers are much more likely to believe in your message if the colors in which you print it are in line with it. For example, if you are talking about ecology it is more credible to use a green text than a red one.

What colors should you choose for your brand?

When choosing the colors for your brand you must take into account that it is not the color only of your logo, but for its communication to be effective you must use it on all your media: from the website to the letterhead of the letters or business cards

But what does each color transmit? Next, we offer you a small guide to make it easier for you to decide:


Red is a warm and intense color, which transmits various emotions that range from adventure to danger. But when using it in a brand’s logo it is usually associated with adventure, energy, strength, vigor or passion. There are several studies that confirm that it can lead to hunger or increase blood pressure. For all this it is ideal for energy drinks, restaurants or motor related products.


Pink is a color traditionally associated with femininity, delicacy, innocence and romanticism. In general it is used to add a feminine connotation to logos and products for women. It is recommended for feminine, children’s or candy products.


Yellow is a color that traditionally relates to joy, happiness, summer or the sun. When using it in logos you usually want to convey happiness and warmth. It is suitable especially for children’s and leisure products; as well as to announce special offers and news.


The orange color is formed by red and yellow, which contains characteristics of both. It transmits strength and confidence like red and optimism and the joy of yellow. The orange is usually used by companies that have as audience the young public, companies that want to transmit modernity.


The green color represents life, freshness, the environment, vegetation, ecology and all the values ​​that have to do with it. It is normally used by companies that want to transmit their ecological values ​​and respect for nature.


Blue is one of the most used colors by companies, both as the main color and to give some detail. Transmits authority, security, success, trust and loyalty. It is also a color that can be identified as masculine. Therefore, we will find it in medicine, government agencies and digital or technological companies.


The black color is technically speaking the absence of color. It transmits values ​​such as tradition, seriousness, elegance and mystery. It is often used in companies that target a clientele with high purchasing power, as it is associated with luxury and elegance.


Gray transmits above all stability and neutrality. It is the midpoint between black and gray. It is usually used mostly for typefaces thanks to its neutrality.


White is the quintessential color of peace and purity. It also conveys style, elegance and honesty. It is used in cosmetics, personal care, beauty, among others. Most cases serve to balance the other color.

When choosing which is the most suitable color for your brand, you must also take into account the representative color of the product you are going to offer. If you are going to use a combination of colors it will be important that you know how to put them together so that it is not disastrous. The most recommended combinations are:

  • Yellow on black
  • Red on black
  • White on red
  • Red on white
  • Blue on white
  • Yellow on blue
  • White on blue
  • Black on white

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