(Infographic) Make Your Site known in 8 Steps With Guest Blogging 2020 -

He is everywhere. Everybody talks about it. This would be the best way to promote your site. But what are we talking about? A nth traffic tip to get more visitors to your site? A growth hacking technique to propel your site into the first page of Google? No… Just a practice that is done a lot in certain circles. Like music…


(What do you mean, RAP is not music?! XD)

google loves me workshop banner

This is how Booba, already well known, took off the career of rapper Kaaris. Thanks to a featuring. The result: 26 Million views on YouTube. Nice exhibition, right? 🙂

Maybe you guessed what I’m talking about? (at the same time it’s in the title …)

Guest blogging of course (the equivalent of “featuring” in music).

(We also say “guest article” for dummies in English).

However. There are two guest blogging schools.

The 1time, the school of the cheek

The student bloggers from this training learned to swing an email to a large blogger at random asking him to post their article of 20 lines of llorem ipsum.


It doesn’t matter if they have nothing interesting to say. They still want to say it.

Result: they are blacklisted and their credibility takes a big cleat behind their heads.

The 2nd school: the school of shyness

Students who follow this course have learned to be invisible. They take the courses at a distance, never leave their room and do everything they can to avoid being noticed. They’re waiting for a doctorate in blogging before they move a finger. They never feel ready or credible to speak.

Result: they disappear in general indifference. Long before promoting their blog.

Now, I’m going to tell you about a 3rd school. A secret and extremely selective school. Entrance is by competition. The school of good students. The geniuses of blogging. 99% success rate at the blog-alauréat.

These successful bloggers all follow the same lesson in guest blogging to be published by the best bloggers in their field.

I got this lesson, and it fits into an infographic.

To share without moderation, because all young bloggers deserve to join this prestigious school.

Source: Blogbooster

The 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Publishing a Guest Article

1 / Contact a blogger you don’t know from Adam or Eve

If neither Eve nor Adam introduced you to a blogger, avoid attacking him head-on by offering to publish your article, even if your article is a real nugget. It’s too direct. Are you asking someone on the street to invite you to their next big party? NO (or else you are a dangerous psychopath).

It’s the same, it’s not because you’re behind your screen that everything is allowed.

You’re talking to a human. Respect human codes.

2 / Write a stew

I say this because you never know. You have to make sure your item is worth it. That your article has not been read 1000x elsewhere. That your article is well written.

Do not panic. You don’t have to be Shakespeare.

What is a good article?

  • A detailed and practical article based on serious research, which popularizes a complex concept for example, or which explains in detail how to apply a method. We should be able to apply it directly after reading your article;
  • A pleasant article to read;
  • An article so complete that it is self-sufficient. No need to go find other info elsewhere.

3 / Go there in beggar mode

The big blogger also has something to gain. You must put these points forward:

You see ? You are anything but a beggar.

You are a hardworking blogger.

4 / Think that big bloggers have big heads

Yes, I know you think that. And it’s a bad young blogger. I’m not asking you to believe me. Just try. Write your best article, and you will be surprised how many bloggers are ready to give you the floor. You know why ?

They’re so tired of reading dung (that bloggers at school # 1 produce every day) that when they come across your nugget, they say to themselves: “WHAOU it’s so rare that I’m going to help this guy.”

The majority of big bloggers are caring. Some will piss you off, that’s life. If you are not ready to receive refusals, you are not ready to receive positive responses.

5 / To think that the article is the finality

Collaboration is the best way to start a relationship with other bloggers on your topic. But why stop there? Continue to chat with bloggers about your topic, of course.

Now that the ice is broken, it’s time to share a little more. I’m not saying you’re going to be a buddy with all these bloggers. As in life, it depends on affinities. I’m just saying that all relationships start with “breaking the ice” #carglass. And if you never break the ice, you’re sure you’ll never connect with other bloggers.

No one succeeds alone. Get out of your burrow, it’s vital for your blog.

See you on the benches of school N ° 3? I’m sure you will pass the contest 🙂

PS: While hanging out in the library of school N ° 3, I came across another book that should interest you. But hush because that one I don’t think I was allowed to borrow. I couldn’t resist … It’s the 39 secrets of blogs that have traffic. Get it now before I get caught (Click here).