[Infographie] CDO | Chief Data Officer: from inspiration to action! 2020 -

Three years ago, only 45% of companies had already implemented a data strategy (CDO, EBG and Informatica barometer, July 2017), and 23% of them had a Chief Data Officer in their ranks (BCD2O, Barometer of Chief Digital / Data Officers, Digital Jobs, Criteo, Salesforce and Viseo produced by Novamétrie, 2nd edition, 2017).

Today, almost all French organizations have started data projects, and more than half have recruited a Chief Data Officer. In less than three years, therefore, most companies have realized the crucial importance of these new challenges and have reviewed their recruitment priorities. This rapid development, across all industries, is also reflected in the various challenges that must be met by data experts.

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Each company is different and calls for an adapted model.

Pierre Harand – Managing Director, fifty-five

“We observe that in the case of data transformation projects, a minimum of centralization is necessary, at least temporarily. Indeed, these projects involve rare expertise as well as transformation issues (sometimes profound) of the company.
We therefore often gain, at the start, by centralizing the functions in question to initiate change, structure data projects and build a critical mass of experts who can then spread out within teams. It’s also the “Organizational detour” that many large groups traditionally very decentralized adopt, “explains Pierre Harand.

Of course, the implementation of the GDPR on May 25, 2018 has partly accelerated this transformation process. After installing a common base of fundamentals (governance, tools, acculturation, etc.) and focusing on regulatory aspects first, the CDOs are now embarking on value creation and scaling up. To put it simply, we go from organizational and legal objectives to objectives more oriented towards business. And that’s good !

Discover in this infographic, produced by EBG, fifty-five and Informatica, the main challenges of CDOs today:

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