Instagram Releases New Year-End Party E-Commerce Guide -

Christmas is fast approaching! As every year, social networks do not hesitate to publish new guides to help brands and community managers optimize their social media strategy. Instagram unveils a new guide specifically focused on the use of Instagram stores and other e-commerce features …

Prepare for the holiday season on Instagram

Instagram presents a new mini-site that offers the main promotional and e-commerce tools, with several overviews and detailed explanations. This will allow you to better prepare for the end of the year holidays and earn money on Instagram.

The guide also includes usage information and tips on important things like:

  • Product details;
  • Ads ;
  • Purchase tags, etc.

The main overview is quite brief, pointing to other areas for case studies and advice. Still, it could help you orient your Instagram marketing approach or alert you to things you may not have factored into your social media strategy.

Leverage Instagram Reels

Instagram always strives to promote the use of Reels wherever it can, even testing a specific new element in the hashtag search for some users. Testing the Reels for your marketing promotions during the holiday season can indeed be interesting.

The Instagram guide offers specific advice on the subject.

Best practices for the product catalog

Instagram also has an overview of the best practices of the product catalog:

  • Provide comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate and rich information about the products in your catalog. It helps shoppers find your items when they search, filter, and look to discover new things. In addition, it can increase the chances of purchase;
  • Make sure all required and optional catalog fields are filled in: increase the likelihood of appearing in search and help people determine if your products are right for them by completing all required and optional catalog fields, including the ID, title, description, availability, status, price, link, image link, brand, product category, etc.
  • Offer Accurate Titles and Descriptions: Item titles and descriptions contribute to a buyer’s first impression of your item. Make sure they are clear and informative.
  • Use high-quality images: To showcase your articles, use high-resolution images of at least 500 x 500 pixels and show your articles accurately. Add at least 2 images per product so people can really see what an item looks like.
  • Keep pricing and availability up to date: Buyers will have a better experience and build a trusting relationship with your business if the products they see in your store or in your listings are in stock and priced correctly.
  • Make sure the links to the articles are correct: Make sure they are not broken and that each link leads to the correct article on your website so that customers can read more or buy it.

As the holiday season approaches, these tips are very useful to better understand all the main e-commerce options now available on the social network and thus optimize the use of Instagram.

Source: Instagram