Instagram stories: a TikTok-type vertical flow soon? -

Instagram stories are ready for a makeover! Instagram is currently testing a new vertical scroll design for Stories on a small group of users. The vertical feed that Instagram Stories started developing in February 2021, gives users an experience closer to that offered by TikTok…

An important change on Instagram Stories!

Matt Navarra first reported the new test when some users in Turkey received an update on Instagram.

But this update did not only take place in Turkey. Brazilian tech journalist Thássius Veloso also reported seeing the same update in Brazil. It is therefore very likely that other countries will be affected.

Turning Instagram Stories into a vertical feed would be a big change. Today, users browse stories with taps and horizontal swipes – a feature Instagram adopted from Snapchat. But now those stories are outdated. In many ways, vertical swiping feels more natural than horizontal tapping.

On Instagram stories, you can add a GIF, tag someone, or even add filters, for example, to inform your subscribers of what you are doing at a specific time. But when you decide to go to the next or previous story, you have to tap left or right in certain areas of the post. This could be problematic, as some tags placed in a story can overlap, so you might skip a story when you wanted to tap on the tagged person or place in question. Navigating with a vertical flow could indeed be the solution.

After all, it’s how users browse much of the mobile web, along with other key features across a variety of social apps, like YouTube’s homepage and News Feed. from Facebook.

While recent updates like the ability to post from a web browser or switch to a dark mode theme have been well received, vertical scrolling would mean a lot more to followers.

The latest TikTok-like Instagram features

Instagram continues to evolve. From just a social platform that allowed users to post photos and short captions to a posting place that now includes discussions, videos, stories, GIFs and more, it’s clear that Instagram has become a major “small business traffic engine” and a social network that intends to overtake TikTok.

Among Instagram’s latest features bringing the app closer to TikTok, the platform began in December 2021 testing the ability to extend the length of Instagram Stories from 15 to 60 seconds.

They also recently added a new testing option that would change the layout of their post grid. They can thus freely choose in which order their published content is displayed on their page.

By the way, Instagram has introduit new options for choosing how to view feed content, offering a renewed chronological flow. And more recently, the social network began to test the option that would allowlike Stories privately.

We still do not know if Instagram will start rolling out these features soon, but what is certain is that it is determined to work on short videos, to compete with TikTok certainly, but above all to increase user engagement and encourage greater buying behavior, especially among Gen Z and Millennials.

This particular target, known for its short attention span, has embraced the Stories feature so well that businesses need to reinvent themselves in terms of engagement if they are to thrive in the years to come.