Instaplan, to see what your new photos would look like on your Instagram profile - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

If you use Instagram account for professional purposes or you simply like to take care of the aesthetics of your profile, you will be aware of the importance of controlling the way in which each new image affects our feed. Luckily, on the Internet we find many tools that facilitate the task. Today we want to show you Instaplan, to see what your posts on Instagram would look like before making them.

What we liked most about Instaplan is its simple operation, since we only need a few minutes to plan the appearance of our feed before posting the images on Instagram. To do this, we just have to enter our username (we must not give access to our account) and upload the images we want to share on the social network.

Once we have done we can drag and drop the different elements throughout the interface with the aim of organizing our feed in the way that suits us. As is evident, the changes will only be reflected in Instaplan, but it can be a very interesting way of planning our publications and of Check the overall appearance of our account before posting.

Without a doubt, it is a most interesting tool for the most common Instagram users, and best of all, it does not require granting access to our account (for this reason only works with public accounts). You can access the tool at the following link