We know that more and more people are coming to search via engines, hence the advantage of being well positioned on Google. In addition, visibility on the Internet is less expensive than paper advertising and it is above all a communication medium that is easily accessible to all …

I / Increasingly competitive

Companies have realized the importance of being visible in the results of search engines and in particular Google. SEO optimized sites are becoming more and more numerous, a site which generates traffic is a real asset for a company. SEO allows a major advantage, which is to be able to generate qualified prospects in the long term. It’s an e-marketing lever that is cheaper in the long run than an Adwords campaign.

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E-commerce sites have also flourished on the web, their communication strategy is essentially web-based, so they must work on their natural referencing in order to maximize their visibility.

The ten places for each Google result are becoming increasingly difficult to reach. Especially if you have to fight against old sites that have web experience and Google trust.

II / More and more social

Social networks are playing an increasingly important role in Google’s algorithms. Indeed, a site present and shared in social networks is a quality site for Google’s eyes, so it will give it more importance.

Hence the interest in having accounts on social networks and animating them regularly. It remains to set up a marketing plan, to know who have aimed, what will be the message disseminated, what are the objectives etc.

Natural referencing therefore becomes more and more complex because it is linked to a complete web strategy.

III / Increasingly complex

SEO is becoming more and more complex, because it takes into account many criteria that evolve according to Google’s algorithm. It is necessary to optimize the website by strictly respecting the recommendations of the engine, which I remind you are evolving rapidly. For example, priority should be given to exchanging triangular links rather than exchanging cross links.

Furthermore, we know that content is king, which must be original, relevant and regularly updated. In addition, backlinks must be made in a regular and natural way.

The takeaways from this article:

  • A website that generates qualified traffic is a real strategic asset;
  • The number of searches on Google will increase in the coming years;
  • Natural referencing will become more and more complex and competitive;
  • You have to focus your strategy on social media, they will play an increasingly important role;
  • SEO is one of the pillars of a global web marketing strategy;
  • Text content must be original, unique and regularly updated.