In recent years, mobile devices have become the most dominant form of media consumption. With this paradigm shift in consumer behavior, platforms such as Google, Instagram or Facebook have become virtual monopolies that bring together all the relevant information for users.

Additionally, the ecommerce revolution has really made huge changes in retail and wholesale trade in the way sellers approach their target audience or audience, long dominated by legacy and well established brands, and a new phenomenon of companies that sell directly to the consumer and stand at the top using the Social Weapons as a secret weapon has emerged.

These disruptive companies of the status quo have really amazed their audience, whether for the quality of the products they offer, for their customization, or for their customer service, much warmer and closer in that the big brands came using until now. We already know that in the era of social networks, companies have to work harder every day to provide their users with a highly efficient service, otherwise they will be met with negative reviews, comments and memes that could flood the networks in a few hours .

Going to the 100% social level, Instagram is positioning itself in the dominant platform to discover, participate and buy products of the most varied activities and services.

When we go to a shopping mall, either 10 years ago, or even today it still happens, we always see the same brands. What has changed here is the mind of the consumer, who increasingly trying to take more care of his pocket, find better quality products and services, and with much more interesting attention, he finds on Instagram or Facebook the brands that interest them most , or that are closer to your ideal. In this way, entrepreneurs with an enormous force emerge, to achieve to enter that market that until now was hoarded. Large companies on the one hand offered products in series, but had little or no customer service. Entrepreneurs found in social networks and Instagram in particular, – that today is the network that moves more real organic traffic, that is, where each user more time stays on the network, in addition there are more real users, and has Highest growth expectation in the next 5 years – an excellent channel to promote sales.

Tips if you are an entrepreneur and want to take your first steps on Instagram

1. Become a company profile, and link it with your Facebook Fan Page if you own it.

2. Meet with your partners or your team to decide what kind of content you want to show on this social network.

3. If you still can’t have a graphic designer that makes pieces to suit you, there are multiple options within Android or Iphone that you can download to make your plates according to Instagram or Facebook’s measurements. Another one that we recommend is Canva

4. Remember to use hashtags related to your activity, and also massive hashtags to give visibility to each post.

5. Organize your post plan, that is, establish the number of weekly posts you will make, and the number of stories you will place on your profile.

6. Follow the metrics and optimize according to the results you get

7. Remember that perseverance always finds success. Do not be discouraged if at first you have few followers, much less tempt to buy them, because just what you want as an entrepreneur is to have an audience that is really interested in your products or services.

Dedicate time, passion, dedication, and the results will surely arrive soon.