The number of Internet users in 2018 is 4,021 billion, growing 7% year-over-year according to him 2018 Global Digital Report. Most seek information and then go shopping.If they don’t find you first, they will buy from your competition. Did you tell them that you have what they are looking for? Do not? So how will they know?

Having a website is no longer an option.

But you can’t create one if you still don’t understand What is a website, what are its characteristics and others. (Do I tell you a secret? Until a while ago I didn’t know it either!)

Give yourself a little time to read this post and from then on decide how to create your website.

Let’s go for it!

1- What is a website? Start by understanding what we are talking about.

A website is a virtual place in the network, which saves content so that you have access to it.

It consists of several documents that are arranged and organized to make it look attractive, these documents are the web pages.

In other words, that set of web pages make up a “site”.

That collection of web pages that make up the site must be developed under a code called HTML and be hosted in a Hosting that, as for you to understand, is the place that will make the website visible in any type of browser.

Important data (to get into the weather):

Hosting: It is the service that provides users with a system (virtual space) to store information (web, images, videos) or any content visible via the web.

Domain: It is a unique name that identifies your website on the Internet (For example: The main function of a domain is to translate an IP address (which are numbers), to an easy-to-remember name.

Are you understanding Here we continue, “step by step”.

Now you’re going to tell me: And what is a website for?

Having clear on what is the purpose of creating a website is the initial kick when deciding to travel this magical path.

The Internet presence of your venture or company can reach the limits you want to put.

It is like when you sow a seed, the more you fertilize it, water it and dedicate it, the higher leafy and strong it will grow.

The same thing happens with your traditional business. When you take away your fears, doubts and you are sure to sell online, it is unlikely that it will work badly for you.

The website serves to access new markets, get new customers, give your regular customers another way to approach your business. It has a positive impact on the results. It also gives you the possibility of offering all kinds of information and added value such as photos, videos, product catalogs, advertising, contact forms, services, contests, etc. etc.

2- The website and its characteristics, what makes it useful and pleasant for the user.

The characteristics of a website determine in a certain way, the time that the user devotes to visiting it. Hence the importance of taking into account some points, such as:

  • An easy to find website
    The most interesting thing should be in sight, you must facilitate the tour of your website to find what they are looking for, guiding them, following a simple and striking way that, at every step you make them feel they want to read a little more.
  • With an attractive design
    “First impression is what counts” since the website represents you and your business. A good design generates trust, seriousness and good impression. If they like what they see they will be interested in continuing.
  • Have a clear purpose
    People navigate scrolling continuously so that the purpose of your website must be clear and defined on the home page. If you need to continue reading to understand what you are offering, you will surely continue on your way.
  • Useful and well structured content
    The topics and searches should be addressed to your target audience, otherwise he will say: “This is not for me” and will leave. It is important the structure of the web, that the breakdown of the content is clear and simple, well explained. That will keep your user connected.
  • Web speed
    What annoys anyone the most is having to wait, so pages that take a long time are a problem. Most likely, people leave without even seeing the content even if it was interesting at first.
  • Contain contact information
    It is very important to place our data such as telephone numbers and address in visible places. If our information was interesting you will surely want to know more about us, that is where we can encourage you to take an action such as completing contact forms.

3- Types of websites, description of some of them.

  • Personal website
    It is the website managed by a person, or a small group of them and its content can be on very varied topics.
  • Static website
    It is the one whose content cannot be modified over time. To change it you must delete and restructure your source code.
  • Dynamic website
    Unlike the previous one, in these sites the content usually changes permanently. Examples include newspapers, social networks, etc.
  • External website
    It is a visual way to include a link to a web page. To create it, you must indicate the URL and the size of the window in which the content will be displayed.
  • Social website
    It is characterized in that the information it offers is generated by the users of the website itself. Examples include blogs, forums, networks like Facebook or Myspace and many more.
  • Business or commercial website
    They are used by companies. Its main objective is to publicize it, as well as to advertise its services.

You can expand by reading: https: //

4- Difference between website and website, to avoid misconceptions.

Many times it is mistakenly considered that when we talk about website and website we mean the same thing.

As we saw above, The term website refers to a place (site) contained on the web (internet), where documents called pages are found.

A web page is a small part of a website or a website is a set of web pages, it looks like a tongue twister but it’s that easy!

What does a web page contain? It contains all the information on the site, such as texts and images, audios and videos, among other things.

5-The advantages of the website that you are not taking advantage of.

Being visible in the online world opens many doors and that is why you should not miss that opportunity. Don’t think you’re the only one who fears technology, the unknown, changes. But letting that fear guide your life and your entrepreneurship is not the right thing if your project is to grow and move forward.

There are many advantages to having a website and among them we can name:

  • Constant visibility, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Image and prestige.
  • Presence at local, national and global levels.
  • Saving of economic resources and time.
  • Growth in your client and sales portfolio.
  • Possibility of finding new suppliers.

6- How to create a website ?, and begin to be visible to the world.

If you got here with me, you have the basic knowledge about the terms that are handled in this environment and you only need the most important thing, what is it ?: Having your own website and Start showing that you also exist.

These are the steps to follow, to know how to create a free and easy website:

  • Define the objective:
    Why and why do you want a website?
    What will you include on the page?
    How will it be structured? (About us, contact information, etc.)
  • Determine the appearance of the page:
    How do you imagine the design of the page?
    What colors will prevail?
    What is the chosen logo?
  • Consider the design:
    What kind of browsers do your visitors use?
    Will pages get download speed?
    Can the public move easily?
  • Search and collect objects:
    What logos, animations, videos, etc. will you use on your website?
  • Publish the page on the Internet.

7-So far we have seen:

1 – What is a website?

2 – The website and its characteristics.

3 – Types of websites.

4 – Difference between website and website.

5 – The advantages of the website

6 – How to create a website?

8-If you decide to start with your website from today, here I leave what I consider, a very good alternative.

The best time may be now.

It’s just a matter of taking the initiative and choosing to build the website on your own or leave it in the hands of people who know the subject, like the palm of your hand!

I present This online platform that allows you to create your website from scratch and without any prior knowledge.

I hope that both the post and the page that I recommended, are the bridge that will help you reach that peak, which today you can only look from afar.

If you liked it and it was useful to read it, I invite you to share it with your friends.

Copywriter: Nanci Aguiar