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Consumers are also convinced that they will buy from the mobile and that they will do it more and more

Is m-commerce about to enter its peak?

More and more devices are connected and more and more screens are available not only to access information but also to be able to access many more company services. Consumers no longer have to limit themselves to the desktop in their online browsing and in their relationship with brands. Mobile phones have broken into a space where consumers can be connected to brands at all times to ask them virtually anything, to check and compare at all times and, for the most interesting for brands, to buy and consume.

That is what m-commerce does, electronic commerce from mobile phones, which has happened in recent years to be a kind of minority practice and an issue on which brands worked as ‘something with potential’ to become a upward element and in a more and more popular issue. Consumers are less and less afraid of the idea of ​​buying from mobile phones and m-commerce is increasingly common and increasingly decisive for brands. The figures of some studies on the previous Christmas campaigns, for example, show an upward trend and indicate how the weight that mobile devices have on purchases during the period has grown significantly.

Consumers are also convinced that they will buy from the mobile and that they will do it more and more

An IAB study indicated that 60% of all mobile consumers (and taking into account that practically everyone has a smartphone today, one could say that the potential to enter this type of consumer is practically all) pointed out They expect to increase the number of purchases they made from their cell phone would grow in the next six months. Consumers not only feel more and more comfortable researching and analyzing brands and their products from mobile phones but also feel increasingly comfortable shopping.

Therefore, some experts already see a turning point in the current situation. That is, m-commerce is approaching that peak moment, at a time when things are going to change and when things are going to have that moment that will change everything and that will make m-commerce between directly in the mainstream. M-commerce is about to enter its peak.

“Certainly, that’s what it looks like,” he explained to BizReport Igor Gorin, founder and CEO of Astound Commerce, recalling that figures from the US market in which 80% of all mobile users are already smartphone users and forecasts that the amount will grow in the near future. Not only are smartphone users growing but also mobile shoppers. As Gorin points out, if in 2015 26% of consumers bought from mobile phones. In 2016, 33% of buyers already did it. The forecasts for 2020 are those that are already 50%.

These numbers show an upward trend and the huge potential that the market can have.

The future evolution

But this impressive growth will not be the only element that will have a direct impact on how potential consumers are increasing and on the power of m-commerce. The truth is that brands are going to find a much more complex and much more varied pitch in the future, one that will make things work better in the field of m-commerce.

For example, in Europe, there has been a lot of talk about how technological evolution will impact the actions of companies and their results. The development of 5G, one of the great evolutions of the sector in the coming years, will bring much faster navigations, which will do, or so experts expect, that consumers access more and more things from their mobile devices and do, therefore, more purchases from their mobile devices.

Returning to Gorin’s analysis, the launches of technology firms will also have a direct impact on purchases. Payment services, such as Apple Pay, believe that they will make the payment process much easier, although they will not be the only thing that changes the landscape. “I anticipate that in the immediate future we will see more trading experiences much more integrated with automated bots or with voice technology such as Siri or Alexa,” he says.

Source: PuroMarketing