Is school important or not for doing business on the web? 2020 -

Do you remember everything you learned in school? And is it useful to you on a daily basis? I imagine you all went to school or you couldn’t read these lines. If you end up here, surely the world of marketing, the web, and entrepreneurship interests you. But I don’t think you are taught to become an excellent entrepreneur or web blogger in school. And even less to earn a living on the web or to set up business in a concrete way…

This is why I offered you this infographic! It will allow you to discover the advantages and disadvantages of school these days for entrepreneurship. So stay tuned.

I would still like to share with you an article complementary to this one on this school theme “useful or not in your business”.

In conclusion

School is a tool that helps you go much faster in your business (making partnerships, writing articles, emails, making videos, etc.). In reality the subjects that are most useful to you are English, French and math (without going into second degree equations, but just simple and basic math). The other subjects (LV2, history, geography, philosophy, art, music, etc.) are not used concretely and directly in your business. Besides, some are of no use to you.