Is the business card still useful in business? 2020 -

Always present at the Vivatech event, Rémy had the opportunity to meet Yoram Moyal, an entrepreneur who tells us about his company Buzcard, a company that will revolutionize the traditional business card …

How does Buzcard break the business card rules?

“You can break any rules you want, as long as you learn them first.”Sydney Pollack

As usual, Rémy starts by asking this entrepreneur to present the concept in 15 seconds.

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Yoram then describes this revolution like this: “We invented the first business card 5 years ago, which we can update at will. Just scan my rigid card which will send back to my digital card, and if I update in 1 year or 3 years, you will receive a new email from me. ”

Yoram further develops his concept by saying that it is enough for him to take a picture of the map and that he has the date and place of the meeting.

Nothing takes away the charm and class of having a physical card, but which can transform into a digital card in a single second. If the person does not have the application to scan the code, it is possible to send it by email or SMS. The idea is to always look elegant as its designer points out.

Thanks to this card, the possibilities are endless: it can be transformed into a membership card (school alumnus, sports team, etc.). Yoram specifies that ” Buzcard is not a social network at all. The person who receives your digital card is not obliged to know our company and even less to register. “ A revolution in the way of using the business card, but also in the way of presenting things. “We are in networking. The idea is to make an impression by making it easier for the other person to grab them, and from time to time, remind them of good memories because you have made updates. It does the job“.

Buzcard: beyond the functions of a simple business card?

For the record, Buzcard is spelled well with a single “Z”, because on the one hand, Buzzcard was already taken (a payment card for students). And for the English, a business card says “a bus’ card “, because the word” business “is written with a single” S “. The sound heard is then the same.

A great novelty is added to this card by making business cards vital. If something happens to you, doctors, firefighters or even rescue teams can scan your code and access all the necessary information (allergies to drugs, illnesses, history, special problems, etc.).

“If you can, be first. If you can’t, create a new niche where you can be first. »Al Ries

The company has signed up with the Firefighters Federation and the Home Office, who are fans of the concept. This card would no longer be a simple business card, but a ” ultimate business card As Yoram points out.

Buzcard is completely consistent with permission marketing, which first wants to naturally attract prospects and entice them to make them become customers afterwards. No one is forced to sign up for this card, but let’s face it, it’s packed with features that go beyond our expectations. So when’s yours?