Jobs of the future on the internet: the top 10 -

Are you looking for a career of the future on the internet? It’s no secret that this space offers many opportunities. We present here the top 10 of the most promising professions on the Internet and which offer development …

1. Copywriter


The copywriter is also called a copywriter or copywriter. His job is to write texts for publicity. With the rise of e-commerce, copywriters are increasingly in demand.

More concretely, the role of a copywriter is to highlight a brand, a company, a product or even a service via the texts he writes. It will have accomplished its mission when the copywriter convinces, for example, the reader to purchase.

A copywriter can be trained on the job. Since he creates texts, a copywriter must have a good command of the language he uses as well as writing and more particularly web writing. Having digital marketing skills would also be an asset. The copywriter must be able to identify the demands of his clients. And of course, he must master the tools of computers and the Internet.

The salary of a beginner will generally be around 1,600 pounds gross per month. This can reach 3,800 to 5,000 pounds after several years.

2. Chief Data Officer

Chief Data Officer

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is called data director in French. With the creation of the Internet and the rise of digitization, comes big data. Big data is a term for a large volume of data. This data can be leveraged to obtain strategic insights and intelligence. Companies use big data to be able to optimize their activity and their returns.

The role of a Chief Data Officer is to collect and analyze this data in order to extract the most important information. This information can then be used by the company that employs him.

For this, the CDO must first master the analytical and database tools. He must also have advanced knowledge of the company which employs him as well as of the sector of activity of this entity. The data manager must also master certain areas such as IT, statistics, mathematics, etc.

Regarding training, having an MBA in digital marketing, an engineering degree with a specialization in big data is among the various possible paths. To be able to access this position, it will still be necessary to acquire a lot of experience. Thus, the salary of a CDO will vary between 3,500 to 5,000 pounds per month.

3. UX Designer

UX Designer

The “UX” of the term UX Designer is the acronym for “User Experience”. In French, it means “User Experience”. Thus, the UX Designer is the professional responsible for understanding and implementing the elements that could improve the user experience.

The term user experience is very broad. It is not limited only to the notion of ergonomics and usability. The point is that it also extends to the emotional impact that the user may experience when using a product.

When focused on the Internet, the UX Designer will generally work to improve the user experience of a website. It will not only focus on a single element, but rather on its entirety. We can for example cite the technical aspect, the interface and the various functionalities. It can even extend to content. The goal is for the user to be completely satisfied and want to come back to visit the website.

The missions of the UX Designer are therefore more or less broad. Thus, he will have to master various skills such as programming, multimedia, various CMS,… This professional must also have certain creativity as well as the ability to analyze, apprehend and transcribe user expectations.

Note, however, that there is no specific training yet for the profession of UX Designer. To access it, it will be necessary for particular to go through training relating to digital, IT, computer graphics, etc. Regarding salary, a beginner will earn around 25,000 pounds gross per year. Over the years, this can reach 3000 to 3500 pounds.

4. Growth Hacker

Growth Hacker

Growth Hacking is a term that refers to the techniques used to grow an organization. More concretely, the role of a growth hacker is to develop a company (generally startups) by focusing its action on digital.

For example, the growth hacker will have to perform natural referencing, use programming to automate certain tasks such as collecting information, sending emails, etc. He will also have to carry out online advertisements, to increase visibility and e-reputation of his client on social networks, doing copywriting, etc. Thus, the growth hacker must master multiple skills.

Like most of the jobs of the future on the Internet, there is not yet any specific growth hacking training. For now, the idea is to move towards training in IT and digital marketing. Regarding the salary, a junior growth hacker will touch around 35,000 pounds gross per year while a senior can touch up to 50,000 pounds per year.

5. Cloud computing engineer

Cloud computing engineer

Digitization is an essential step for all modern companies. Cloud computing is therefore one of the consequences of this digitization. Simply put, cloud computing refers to the use of various IT services offered by providers through the Internet.

In general, the cloud computing engineer is therefore responsible for managing the establishment, storage and security of his company’s data on remote servers. For this, the cloud computing engineer must have an advanced mastery of computers, programming languages, programs and various software. This profession is intended in principle for holders of a bac + 5 level diploma in computer science with a specialization in networks, cloud computing, etc. Regarding the salary, a beginner will earn between 2,700 to 3,600 pounds gross per month.

6. Geomatician


Energy, transport, town and country planning, IT and big data… There are many sectors that may require the skills of a geomatics specialist. It is responsible for producing and analyzing digital data describing the territory and the geographic characteristics that constitute it. This data can for example be used to track the movement of public transport vehicles, target and locate customers in the marketing field, improve augmented reality, etc.

The geomatics specialist must therefore master spatial and statistical analysis as well as the management of geographic databases. A geomatics specialist must eventually have a good command of computer and Internet tools as well as in many fields of activity.

The BTS surveyor-topographer, the surveyor technician certificate or the professional licenses in geographic information systems allow you to access this profession. When starting out, a geomatics specialist will earn between 1,300 to 2,500 pounds gross per month. With experience, this salary can increase up to 3,000 pounds gross.

7. Cyber ​​security expert

Cyber ​​security expert

Digital data is a precious element that should not be left within the reach of everyone. The cybersecurity or computer security expert is there to protect them and preserve them from hackers. This professional generally works on behalf of an entity with a computer system. This is the case for companies, for example. After analyzing his client’s computer system, the cybersecurity expert offers solutions to secure it. He then sets up the safety devices. It regularly monitors the effectiveness of these devices and will have to make any improvements if necessary.

Obviously, this professional has advanced knowledge concerning computer security systems. The profession of cybersecurity expert is particularly suitable for graduates of engineering schools with a specialization in computer security. Regarding the salary, it varies according to the skill level. The minimum is around 35,000 pounds gross per year. It can still reach 60,000 pounds gross per year after a few years.

8. Artificial intelligence engineer

Artificial intelligence engineer

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be defined as being the set of techniques allowing to attribute to the machine an intelligence close to that of the human one and thus, to carry out certain tasks in an autonomous way.

AI can be used in many areas: video games, health, transport, language processing … The role of the artificial intelligence engineer is responsible for creating a computer program allowing a machine to perform specific tasks in an autonomous. The AI ​​engineer should therefore have advanced knowledge in programming and development. This profession is open to bac + 5 levels such as the computer science or mathematics master’s degree specializing in IA. In the beginning, an AI engineer will be able to earn between 25,000 to 30,000 pounds gross per year. Over the years this figure can reach 50,000 pounds gross per year.

9. Online reputation monitor

Online reputation monitor

To put it simply, e-reputation is notoriety on the net. For companies, personalities, brands and other entities, it is very important to cultivate and improve this e-reputation. It is, first of all, an indicator of the opinion that Internet users have in relation to a company, a product, a brand… In the commercial context, e-reputation can be the development of a company.

The role of an e-reputation monitor is therefore to advise his client on the best ways to improve the image of him, his brand or his products on the WEB. The e-reputation monitor may also be responsible for increasing the visibility of this client.

This profession is intended in particular for graduates of a communication or business school. Holders of a professional master’s degree in management, service innovation and information and communication technologies will be able to exercise it perfectly. The average salary of an e-reputation monitor is around 2,900 pounds gross per month.

10. Data scientist

Data scientist

The Data Scientist is an expert responsible for analyzing and extracting information from the Big Data of the company that employs him. This information should enable this company to make strategic decisions. For this, the data scientist may be led to design and use specific algorithms. He must have advanced knowledge of statistics, databases and IT. He must therefore also have a good knowledge of the sector in which his business operates.

The Data Scientist profession is aimed at holders of Bac + 4 or Bac + 5 in IT, management, statistics or even marketing. The salary varies between 45,000 to 180,000 pounds gross per year depending on experience.