Know the tool to find the ideal client 2020 -

That person who consumes your products and services “by music”, who is always looking forward to news of your brand or company: this is certainly an ideal customer. Many believe this is a privilege for companies like Apple or Nike, but digital marketing offers ways and tools to find the ideal customer for any company.Ideal Customer

Difference between persona and ideal client

Many confuse the concept of the ideal customer with the persona creation step, the essential pathway for digital marketing planning. Although they are different, the two complement each other.

While the persona gathers condensed interview information and audience data into a semititic person with name, age, position, location, pains (weaknesses), and needs (earnings), the ideal client is a step further in a company’s relationship. and your audience.

Knowing your ideal customer is choosing from the many personas your company has designed, the one you want to sell to, who you want to negotiate with. You know how it behaves, which books it reads, which songs it likes best, and of course when it is most likely to buy.

It’s like personal development coach Paula Abreu once remarked in a talk at the 2016 Audience Secrets event: “It’s like talking to your childhood friend. There are things that need not even be said, one already guesses what the other is thinking ”.

Often a company has numerous personas to serve different segments, but feels that none are really impacted by its content, its work, products and services. The reason may be right in front of your nose (and in 99% of cases it is, as our CMO, Cezar Filho always says).

How to build relationship with your ideal customer?

While some preach around that the ideal customer is a matter of choice, “think for a few minutes,” at CWT Advertising Digital Marketing Experts we understand that digital marketing offers tools and ways to mine this “gold”.

There is no way to lie: it will take work, it will take time, but the result – finding your ideal customer – is the reward. Actually approach your audience and know how to communicate (really) with them. While big brands took decades to find gold, the digital world makes it possible to shorten that time.

If an ideal customer is only discovered by relationship, you can already imagine that you have to prepare to talk to them. Channels abound: forums, blog comment area, social networks, videos and video networks, among others. The important thing is to get out of the box, out of your little world of guessing how to please your persona and effectively start exchanging information with her.

Do you know that your persona likes to read best practice books and inspiring business cases? Why not share your impressions and learning from the newest book by businessman Flávio Augusto da Silva (author of “Value Generation”)? If he likes to visit a site like or the Exame magazine page, why don’t you also visit, comment on, and follow up on the information he leaves in the comments on that site?

One of the advantages that the digital world offers is being able to be present without stalkear, a term that defines virtual persecution. No matter how reserved people are, there is exposure to personal information and preferences on the Internet (even anonymously). The quality of this information varies greatly depending on where you pick it up. In a short time attending a certain virtual environment, you can see if it is worth continuing, participate or migrate to the next.

Having well-built personas is the way to start discovering your ideal client. Always keep that in mind.

How to turn the persona into an ideal customer

Monitoring is the keyword. Take time out of your day or night (what do you do from midnight to six?) To monitor virtual environments where your persona often frequents. These are the places where you will begin to better understand how she acts, what she thinks and, of course, how she consumes.

Nobody said it was easy, right? To memorize so much, you need to take note. From that Max Gehringer quote to an excerpt from Caetano Veloso cited by the personas you’re monitoring.

Over time, you will find that the initial information such as the persona’s name, age, how many children, etc. are not as relevant as knowing how to approach her with that “joker” quote about determination that writer Caio Fernando Abreu once recorded. He had phrases for everything, no ?!

This proximity, this sense of sharing your persona’s tastes, preferences, yearnings is what makes you discover whether or not you have found your ideal client, the one that has to do with your business and what you are looking for.

In other words: The tool to find your ideal customer is to use digital means to reach their locations, approach them, know their preferences.

Do this exercise and tell us what you found! And if you need help, leave your message below.