A site attracts visitors every day who “land” on its pages. The pages that host them are called landing pages. These pages are key because they will trigger or not the conversion of the visitor into a member or a buyer / lead (especially when you have bought traffic that you need to make profitable) – this article offers you simple tips to implement for improve your landing pages or landing pages…

The skeleton of a landing page

Your landing page can be a page on your website or a page that you have created and optimized to get visitors to perform a specific action. It includes at least one hook (called headline) often accompanied by an illustration, a text and a call to action button often itself attached to a form (for registration for example).

The visual below presents a classic structure of a landing page with all its components

src=”https://cwtadvertising.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Landing-pages-that-convert-2020.png” sizes=”(max-width: 450px) 100vw, 450px” srcset=”https://www.webmarketing-com.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Capture-d’écran-2012-09-30-à-15.39.12-450×385.png 450w, https://www.webmarketing-com.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Capture-d’écran-2012-09-30-à-15.39.12-300×257.png 300w, https://www.webmarketing-com.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Capture-d’écran-2012-09-30-à-15.39.12-600×514.png 600w, https://www.webmarketing-com.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Capture-d’écran-2012-09-30-à-15.39.12.png 694w” alt=”Anatomy of a landing page” width=”450″ height=”385″ />
Anatomy of a landing page – Source: kissmetrics

(See the ideal measurements of a landing page to go further on the subject)

Find the catchphrase of your landing page

The hook will certainly be the first thing your visitors will see, it can be the baseline of your product / service or be created for the occasion, here are some writing tips accompanied by examples:

Landing page: be concrete

# 1: Be concrete

Focus on a specific need that the service or tool solves and that will make sense to the visitor. A percentage reduction for example is better than “the cheapest prices on the web”

Example: Blurb offers to print a personalized paper book for an attractive price.

landing page be simple# 2: Be simple and specific

We often tend to want to explain all
the reasons why our product / site is the best. A single simple sentence may seem frustrating but it is much more edible for the visitor. The power of originality is often overestimated in the face of simplicity. The MailChimp headline can be summed up in three words: Easy Email Newsletter Messages that are too “marketing” should also be prescribed – only Apple can qualify its products as revolutionary because it can rely on a history of innovations rupturistes.

landing page be engaging

# 3: Be engaging

Use an emergency vocabulary or offer a registration / purchase incentive with or without a limited validity date.

Ziinga offers big discounts on a limited time. They use the emergency vocabulary with a “hurry up” which is reinforced by the use of the color red.

Write the accompanying text

The accompanying text is all the more important as your product is complex. It is imperative to ask yourself what information the visitor needs to make his decision (leave or do the action requested on the page) and what are the obstacles that must be removed. The size of the accompanying text will impact the conversion rate on the page. As a general rule, it is found that airy pages with text in reasonable quantity convert better than pages with a lot of text. On the other hand, this statement is often false for complex products which involve a long decision-making process and therefore numerous information needs.

Customer testimonials - Lumosity
Source: lumosity.com

# 1: Include customer testimonials

These testimonies must be diverse and varied so that there is more chance that the visitor can identify with one of the verbatims and “hang” more on the product. The testimonies also bring reinsurance, “it worked for them, it will surely work for me”.

The Lumosity.com website, which offers brain training games, presents on the right the testimony of a student and a mother as “success stories”.

# 2: Quickly explain how the site works

If the service is new, quickly explain “how it works”. This will help overcome the classic “it looks complicated” reflex. The quick explanation in the form of an operation tutorial can also be done in the header alongside the logo. Explaining how it works can also amount to detailing to the visitor the necessary steps before he can access the product or service on which we are trying to convert him. The CapitaineTrain site, which offers a train ticket reservation service, details on its home page how to obtain your ticket in 3 steps.

source: capitainetrain.com

# 3: Adopt a familiar language, close to its users / customers

For this, do not hesitate to delegate the task to your existing customers / users because it is their words that will have the most value. This can also translate on another level by the choice of a language level. Compare the tone used by Skyrock and Arte and you will notice that there are many differences (tu, language register, use of abbreviations, …)

# 4: Focus on product benefits
Favor the solution provided rather than technical features and write black and white why the visitor should subscribe to the product.

Example for a calculator with a processor twice as fast as its competitor: solve your equations and calculations twice as fast as with other calculators.

# 5: use images and videos
Because they create engagement and more easily capture the attention of visitors.
Sometimes online gaming or poker sites offer a free playable demo from their home page.
Travian game demo

# 6: Be reassuring / use a deposit
The most classic are the mentions “seen on M6”, they talk about it “logo of press titles” or the use of an ambassador (Marcel Desailly for Betclic).
Signs of trust or social trust such as the number of fans or followers, mention of a free return, customer service or an incentive as Betclic does in the form of a refund offer of 100 euros for the first bet are also good ways to reassure the visitor.

# 7: The form
Prefer it short (5 to 6 fields maximum), if possible pre-fill with the email address for example.

Determine your CALL TO ACTION

Groupon - call to action
Groupon offers you to “see the deal of the day”

The call to action indicates to the visitor the action requested. It can be a question of leaving its coordinates, creating an account, subscribing to a trial offer etc … In all cases, it must be specified.
It is advisable to use only one or more very similar on the page to avoid confusion, to make it visible and give it a real button shape. The message is also decisive for the conversion – an action verb that is short / explicit is to be preferred – avoid the “click here” or “validate”.

Once you have set up the different elements of your landing page and you have ensured the overall cohesion of the whole, all you have to do is test the effectiveness of the different elements to optimize the conversion of the page.

On this subject, I recommend the very instructive Which Test Won which regularly presents the results of A / B tests or multivariate tests.