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Words unite, separate, build or destroy labor and personal relationships, and business projects. That is why Using appropriate language is the fundamental basis of our internal dialogue, a vital tool to succeed in any goal we have set ourselves.

When someone breaks into a motivating message such as praise or intelligent argument, or with direct aggression, our brain instantly processes this information and compares it to the most archaic memory files. Then, we adopt a positive or negative attitude towards the issuer and the whole environment in general.

This handling of our psyche that occurs unconsciously and involuntarily when listening to certain words, has its origin in our early childhood, where which sponges were absorbing the world according to what we saw and heard from our parents and family.
Thus each “No”, “be careful”, “stay still”, “I love you”, “you are important”, “we are proud”, and countless other phrases said, are the cause of certain patterns of dysfunctional and negative beliefs, such as Believing that we are not worthy or unable, or on the contrary, were the key to healthy self-esteem, confidence and joy.

In CWT Advertising We understand that an entrepreneur must not only train in Sales, Business Plan or Digital Marketing, but also in the power of communication. That is why we give you 6 essential tips to use words in favor of your project.

1. Optimistic internal dialogue

We conceive the world through words. We think, describe ourselves and reaffirm in words. That is why to achieve the expected success in business or personal projects, it is essential to tell ourselves those terms that reflect our virtues, achievements and talents. From this simple act our faults, fears or insecurities can be transformed into positive.

2. Learn to highlight the positive of others

Be it an employee, a boss, partner, client or friend, verbalizing and expressing with conviction those positive qualities of the other will not only increase productivity and empathy, but will generate healthy relationships, and an ideal climate to create and succeed.

3. Be clear and firm

Words convey our thoughts and moods, so when it comes to expressing an idea, valuing the contribution of our team or defending a position, it is necessary to speak or write in a simple and direct way, but with determination and security.

4. Give useful information

Every project requires people who put all their energy and talent to be successful. That is why all information that can be brought into account for a product, an innovation, or a business plan is valuable, and will drive the realization of the objectives.

5. Say and do without contradictions

The word is the initial impulse, which is useless if at the time of acting we are not consistent with what we say or feel. For this reason, the fundamental pillar of all achievements in life is the ability to have clear and precise values ​​and convictions and then act accordingly. and get our desires one by one.

6. Setting an example is better than manipulating

Although through the use of speech you can convince or persuade an audience of a particular point of view, it is not advisable to fall into linguistic traps to get acceptance or people loyal to a project. Without a solid and sincere foundation, all entrepreneurship will fall by the weight of their own words without content.
Setting the example, on the other hand, is a source of inspiration, fidelity and credibility that are vital when it comes to having a happy life business or project.