In recent days, a subject has given rise to talk in major media outlets and social networks. It is not impeachment, nor are expectations for the new coach of the Englandian National Team, what is giving the sleeve up is “Pokémon Go!“And why is CWT Advertising Digital Marketing Experts aware of this? Why, we are an agency of digital marketing focused on results and opportunities, and “Pokémon Go!”Is a sum of it. The game features ultra-positive, undisputed numbers and business possibilities for creative entrepreneurs.

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Pokémon Go! business marketing

Let’s go to the Pokémon Go numbers and data!

The Android and iPhone smartphone game received more than 30 million downloads worldwide and generated $ 35 million in revenue for Nintendo and Niantic, the studio responsible for game development. This represents an average of $ 1.16 spent per person within 15 days of launch, well above the average daily in-app purchase of iTunes users, for example, which is 10 cents.

With excellent engagement for an app, “Pokémon Go!”Already outpaces the daily use of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram, according to market intelligence firm Sensor Tower. On average, Pokémon masters on the phone spend 33 minutes and 25 seconds a day searching for charismatic monsters.

More Pokémon and fewer encounters

Not to mention that the game can now be found on more phones than Tinder, the dating and dating app, and has reached a daily peak of TWO MILLION USERS. Do you realize that this represents an entire Greater Sao Paulo playing SAME TIME? There are servers, but that’s something Nintendo can afford.

The company, which owns the Pokémon Company and other hit figures such as Super Mario and Donkey Kong, doubled its market value by 120% on the stock market, beating Sony, one of its biggest competitors in electronic entertainment. In just two days, Nintendo raised its value by a modest $ 7.5 billion.

What is “Pokémon Go!”?

Pokémon Go!”Is a free game for iPhone or Android-powered smartphones that use the device’s features to“ turn ”the user into a Pokémon trainer, a fictional figure who in the franchise’s games and designs set out to collect as many monsters as possible. and perfect them in battles against other masters.

The app always works connected to the internet and uses the device’s GPS to simulate real places where Pokémon appear virtually. By finding one of them, the player can capture it using the camera phone and the Augmented Reality feature takes care of the magic of placing the little monster in the real world.

Importance of Understanding the Game [ATUALIZAÇÃO]

After the text was published, many people came to ask us about how the game works and how to use it to promote their business. What do we always recommend? It is important to install the app and play. You may not even like games, you may find it childish, but it is a fact that a cabinetmaker needs to know the tools available to make a beautiful dining table.

On the internet, several videos are available showing a few minutes of “Pokémon Go” starting and the operation of its main features. Check out one of them:

Points of interest on the map

In addition, the game creates common points of interest on the map of the series, such as Pokémon Gyms, Pokémon Police Stations, Training Centers, and Pokestops, which are establishments where the player can buy accessories and items for real money. Continue your journey.

Game specialist for Infosfera, Radio Atlantis of Porto Alegre and Santa Catarina, Gabriel Bilhar had the opportunity to test the application at launch and comments: “The game has a number of possibilities that arise when the user exceeds level 5 and has to choose between the red, blue and yellow teams. Many establishments where the game was launched are becoming strongholds of each team. ”

This division by teams also groups interests and preferences in the various categories of Pokémon, such as water, fire, electric etc. And entrepreneurs are using this to group players with a common interest and of course generate flow and sell more.

How can a company bill with “Pokémon Go!”?

Around the world, bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, electronics stores, among other businesses, use the game creatively, such as Pokestop-enabled retailers selling smartphone chargers (the game consumes a lot of battery power) and the playing field. golf in the USA that created the “Pokémon Go! Tour ”through its 18 holes, so players can hunt Pokémon throughout the space.

In Japan, home of the franchise and where – ironically – the game is not yet available, information was leaked that the launch would be a Nintendo partnership that would convert 3,000 McDonald’s stores into gyms where players would put their little monsters to fight against. others.

Does your business have space in Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go! business marketing

Unlike Japan, marketing on “Pokémon Go” has not officially started in England. Even so, some companies are already betting on creativity and boom to attract flow and customers to their establishments. This is the case of a Fortaleza pizzeria, which launched a delicious flavor dedicated to the Pokémon Masters. According to the local newspaper, The People, the initiative came after traders realized they were close to several Pokestops.

But does your business have space in the game? First of all, the creation of Pokestops is beyond the control of the players: developer Niantic receives suggestions and turns them into points of interest or not. The second question is whether your business has appeal and products that talk to the game audience.

To do this, you also need to know a little about digital marketing, which provides several tools to reach the right audience for your company and CWT Advertising has something to help you:

Marketing Possibilities with “Pokémon Go!”

We can not be irresponsible to list with absolute certainty all the possibilities offered by the game, because it is a newly released game in England.

From the information so far released, however, “Pokémon Go!”Already allows several possibilities for retailers and for relationship marketing:

  • Game item activations and rewards for users who purchase certain products from an establishment;
  • Subsidy voucher-activated item values;
  • Purchase in-game items to unleash rare characters within the establishment and attract flow;
  • Make the establishment a point of interest, as did US presidential candidate Donald Trump with his Trump Tower in New York.

Other possibilities include complementary services, such as “babysitting pokémon”, which train and evolve the pets while the user is in their routine activities, “pokémon taxis”, which carry players during the search, among others.

Is video game a child thing?

In England, about 70% of Englandians intend to download “Pokémon Go!”On their cell phones. It might be surprising to know that most of these people are between the ages of 25 and 30, at the very moment of their lives that, theoretically, many would consider games to be “child’s stuff.”

If at first, the analysis can be made from the nostalgia of this age group that witnessed the release of the first game and the cartoon Pokémon in 1996, it is also worth understanding that electronic games have already changed their audience for a long time.

In the Game England 2016 survey, conducted by Sioux / Blend / ESPM, games are the favorite pastime of 74.7% of respondents, more than twice as many modalities as board games and indoor games (such as soccer, basketball and volleyball). More than 50% are women, aged 25 to 34 years.

Nintendo took the games to the kids

In another irony, video games began as a form of family fun, featuring products such as the Atari 2600 and arcade games from “Pac-Man” and “Space Invaders,” which were also a fever among adults.

After a violent crisis in the gaming industry in 1983 that shattered nearly every gaming company, Nintendo launched its Famicom console (known in England as “Nintendinho”) with a new strategy: selling video games and games at toy stores. Video games then became “kid stuff,” with charismatic characters like Mario and Luigi, who at one point became more popular than Mickey Mouse.

Games matured along with gamers until they became niche entertainment, a hobby of adult men, until Nintendo itself made the consoles interesting again for families with the launch of the Nintendo Wii.

Games earn more than movies and music

Today, gaming is a healthy pastime of all ages, and it is a robust industry that made nearly $ 100 billion in 2015 alone, beating film and music revenues TOGETHER.

Nintendo, founded in 1889 but global only three decades ago, has always led this rise and now, with the release of “Pokémon Go!”Prepares to change the game rules again!