Niri Brusa

Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m

With the growing popularity of Clubhouse and audio-based social interactions, several social networks were quick to launch. After Twitter with Spaces and Facebook, it’s LinkedIn’s turn!

A new very “Clubhouse” application

LinkedIn will soon offer live audio rooms, which users can join in the app.

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The user interface for this new app is very “Clubhouse”, with a feature box for the speakers at the top, as well as a list of those who log into the chat.

A unique connected audio experience at LinkedIn

LinkedIn is currently working on a few first tests to create a unique audio experience connected to their professional identity. The social network is looking at how to integrate audio with other parts of LinkedIn, such as events and groups, to give members even more ways to connect with their community.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn focuses more on professional rooms aligned with specific niches, helping to improve connections and strengthen its presence in the industry.

This could be a huge boost for LinkedIn with the creation of new options for creators and thus encourage them to expand their presence on the platform. Audio rooms would facilitate a range of potential new opportunities to build community in their respective fields. For Clubhouse, this could be a big blow, especially since the application is already experiencing some difficulties …

Right now, LinkedIn’s audio rooms are in the testing phase, and LinkedIn is still adding to the option. But so you can probably expect to see a new social audio option soon.

To be continued !