LinkedIn launches new online learning platform and will redesign your desktop website - IDEA TU BLOG SITE 2020 -


LinkedIn is premiere. Today, he has just presented his new platform aimed at training business users from his offices in San Francisco. Under the name of LinkedIn Learning, the new learning platform will initially have about 9,000 courses that cover different professional profiles, being part of these contents based on those of the online learning platform, which LinkedIn acquired a year and a half ago .

As they comment on TechCrunch, the courses can be chosen individually by the employees themselves or be recommended by their senior managers, or even also recommended by LinkedIn’s own selectors.

Currently, this new platform can be used by subscribers Premium LinkedIn, which will have access to 25 new courses every week, although LinkedIn intends to launch an access level for large companies.

On the other hand, and taking into account that the LinkedIn desktop web version has always been chaos, now from the company you want to remedy it, taking into account that many of its users are professionals who access from that version.

In this regard, it will soon launch a new redesign of its desktop website pointing out that it is the largest redesign that they perform, promising that it will be clearer, simple and intuitive. This new experience, which is equal to what is currently offered from mobile applications, will soon be available.

Improvements and new capabilities will also be launched soon in other of its services, among them, support for bots in its messaging service, as it could not be otherwise, adding to the general tendency of bots use perhaps as a substitute for the installation Of applications.

Source: Wwwhatsnew