The tough 2020 is coming to an end soon, which means it’s time for Logaster to release new predictions of popular logo design trends for 2021. If we can’t predict major world events for the coming year , we have some information on the design techniques that will shape the industry in 2021!


Minimalism is an influential design trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Complex geometric shapes tend to be replaced by simplicity and cleanliness, while sophisticated fonts become more massive and readable. Hence, logo designs become easy to recognize even in small size.

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Because this trend is more and more entrenched in the logo design scene, it doesn’t make sense to capitalize on it by creating a brand new emblem or adjusting an existing design.

The original fonts

As the year 2020 has shown us, using unconventional typography solutions is a great way to grab and keep the viewer’s attention. We recommend using this technique for your design rather than improving an existing font. Do you need a guide? It would be a good idea to experiment with small letter decorations, handwritten styles, and pixelated fonts.


Gradients are another long lasting trend that has made its mark in the logo design industry. Feel free to use this incredibly simple, yet powerful method to spice up your achievement. Focus on the neon shades making a comeback. For a more pronounced effect, use light shades of red, orange, blue or green.

Text destruction

In 2021, designers will continue to create high visual impact logos with missing parts. With such a technique present at your disposal, you can add dramatic effect to any design. This trend can be further reinforced with unconventional typography.

For example, you can add an airy and refined font or play with the space between characters. You have to be careful though. Do not exceed the red line by complicating your logo to the point of reducing readability.

The overlapping elements

By positioning geometric shapes on top of each other, you can create interesting shapes and meanings. Talented designers capitalize on the technique of overlap to convey a large number of associations ranging from reliability to flexibility and continuous progress. It’s a great trend to use, whether it’s a logotype or a combination.

Negative space

It’s not uncommon for a popular trend to make an unexpected comeback. This is what has happened with the negative space trend and we are excited to welcome it! Influenced by ubiquitous minimalism, this design technique now gravitates towards simplicity. This is because negative space logos today look much more concise compared to 2-3 years ago. However, that doesn’t make them any less interesting to read!

Refined lines

The growing popularity of thin, airy lines goes hand in hand with the trend of minimalism. It is a great way to make your achievement more elegant and refined. Minimalist logos tend to use bold, massive elements – a trend that might not work well with some companies. By using refined lines, you can add air to your graphic composition. All you need is a stylish and refined font. It might be a good idea to reinforce this with a clean geometric shape.

The chaotic layout

The next trend on our list is a real rebel! Your task is to find an unconventional way to arrange the elements in your design. Position letters and shapes in a chessboard shape, on a diagonal line, in a circle, or whatever else comes to mind! You will end up with an eye-catching and provocative logo.

If you do everything right, your design will not give a feeling of amateurism, but rather a feeling of balance and professionalism.

Visual balance

If the previous trend revolved around rebellion over set standards, this design technique celebrates regularity and harmony. Visually balanced designs are distinguished by their sense of peace and calming. This trend emerged in response to the need for peace of mind in today’s chaotic world. If you too have a hard time understanding and accepting asymmetry and intentionally unbalanced designs, this trend is for you!


Unless you’ve lived in a cave, you’ve probably known this trend has been around text-based logos for a long time now. However, in 2021, smart monograms are likely to become a trend in their own right. This design method gives unparalleled artistic freedom. Feel free to enhance your monogram with overlap or negative space. A simple abbreviation written in an original font will also suffice. Dare to tap into your creative potential!

While this list is far from complete, it does contain the essential logo trends to expect in 2021. Logaster hopes this overview guides you in designing the ideal logo of your dreams!

About the Author

Dmytro Leiba is the Marketing Manager at Logaster. He has hands-on writing experience on technologies, marketing trends and branding strategies. In his spare time, he always enjoys traveling and discovering things about the world and new cultures.

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