One of the things we often ignore in business, but which makes the difference between success and failure, is good fortune. It’s okay to ignore it, because why pay attention to something that is beyond our control? It’s unnecessary, frustrating and ultimately a waste of time. However, in this article, I will explain to you that the premise of this reasoning, that is, that it is a random event beyond our control, is false …

Before continuing, I will clarify a little what I mean by “good fortune”:

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  • A TV columnist will contact you for an interview on national television;
  • A YouTuber talks about you on his channel and attracts tens of thousands of visits to your site;
  • A popular Facebook page is talking about you WITHOUT implicitly or explicitly asking them to do so, it’s lucky.

Explained in this way, good fortune is much less mythical than the initial idea that one can have of it. The important thing is to note that in each of these scenarios, the beneficial result that emerged is the random result of a set of possibilities when an individual came into contact with your brand.

How to influence your good fortune

I have a quick question for you. Say you want to increase your chances of winning the lottery, what do you do? The answer is simple: you buy more tickets. The principle is the same in business – just buy more tickets.

If you are trying to grow your business organically, you will start with a small circle which, thread by needle, will grow through word of mouth. The element of luck in this scenario is hoping that someone will tell a TV producer, popular blogger or influencer that they will share your idea or project with their circles of influence. These individuals with the power to spread information are often called “super connectors” because of their large network of contacts.

But let’s go back to word of mouth for a moment. The problem with this approach is that each community is relatively isolated from each other. Relying solely on word of mouth aims to bet that not only is there a super connector somewhere in your network, but that he also wants to talk about you.

You see, the famous law of 6 degrees of separation developed by Stanley Milgram in 1967, that is to say that we are all connected to each other through 6 people, is made possible ONLY by existence of these super connectors. Without them, most networks are isolated from each other.


We must therefore succeed in reaching and influencing these people. And that’s kind of like going fishing. When you go fishing, you must a) go to a place where you KNOW that the fish you want to fish exists and b) use an interesting bait.

How I Drew 25,000 Visits with an Investment of $ 50

As an example, I’ll explain how I managed to attract more than 25K of website visits with just under $ 30. I’m not going to explain to you how to get the SAME result. It’s impossible, it was lucky. It’s impossible to replicate. But if you want to buy the same lottery ticket as me, I’ll explain how exactly.

It all starts with a guy named Guillaume Ricard. Guillaume is a muscular bearded man of around 5’’8 ’who earns his living tattooing other bearded men in a studio he opened in his“ man cave ». To promote himself, he writes blog articles which he publishes simultaneously on his account and his Facebook fan page. It must be said, his articles are really excellent. Unfortunately, he had almost no sharing and few people knew his name. After several weeks of hitting him up, I finally convinced him to invest $ 1 a day in Facebook advertising. $ 1!

With this precious dollar, I created an engagement campaign which aimed to promote its articles which were the most received by the people on its page. One of these “4 types of tattoos to avoid” articles was particularly effective from an advertising point of view and generated clicks at 2 cents each.


3 weeks have passed and apart from the flow of traffic and likes, nothing extraordinary has happened. However, the 4e its traffic began to grow exponentially to generate 8000 page views in two days. I could not believe my eyes ! 90% of this traffic came from Facebook shares. Someone, a super connector, relayed his article.

Of course, the traffic quickly went down and things returned to normal. However, 2 weeks later, another wave of traffic boosted its site, this time reaching 13,922 page views in 3 days.

4 types of tattoos

4typesdet Tattoosdetailed

This time, the super connector did not just share one, but two pages of its site. Another day off, another article “The tattoo label: Five tips to avoid appearing like a douchebag” garnered 6,180 page views, then 2,443 page views the next day.

tattoo label

tattoo-detailed label

In all and everywhere, we are talking about 35,112 page views and an investment of 48.83 $ CAD (33 €).

What should we get out of it?

Most people don’t like to do awareness campaigns because of the lack of direct sales impact. Well, I think I have demonstrated by my example that a good brand awareness campaign can multiply the effects of word of mouth and attract the attention of super connectors.

This kind of campaign is like buying a lot more lottery tickets than humanly possible. This kind of campaign allows to launch more than one line in the water, while varying the location as well as the bait. Your “chance” of being picked up by an influencer is greatly influenced by the amount (and quality) of attention your brand receives. I think Facebook advertising is one of the best tools right now to get that kind of attention.

Do you want to learn more?

You too can start a small advertising campaign for $ 1 a day. You will be surprised at the impact that such a decision will have on your project. To learn how it all works, I suggest you download my book for free, where I detail everything you need to know to create effective campaigns.

You will learn, concretely, the 3 principles to respect to create good campaigns as well as 5 of my best tips to encourage people to click.

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