Make your site more beautiful and increase your conversions by creating animated cards - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

Years ago it was common to see animations on the web, through the use of Flash. The difficulty of viewing them on mobile phones, the slow loading time, and the negative impact on search engine positioning were the main reasons for leaving that practice behind. But without a doubt, providing movement remains a desire and a necessity.In CWT Advertising, with the aim of allowing you to give liveliness and new attractions to your website, today we present the new functionality of “Animated Cards”, which add to other possibilities that you already have as 3D sliders or background videos. Find out everything you can achieve here! Your only limit will be your creativity

What elements do you have to make the animated card?

The implementation is very simple. You need two images on each animated card, which we call side A and side B. You just have to choose them, define the transition between all the available ones and the duration in seconds. You can implement unlimited cards on each page of your website, which will be activated every time the user passes their mouse over there.

What are the benefits of implementing animated cards on your website?

In addition to giving it more visual appeal, you can highlight elements, prompting user action, as in this Travel Agency.

animated cards 1

Additionally you can add “calls to action”In new places.

How to add the animations in CWT Advertising?

1) Create or edit a page, and choose the control Card from the side menu. This will create a new card with a content simple preloaded on side A and side B.

How to create website animation

2) Choose the type of transition between side A and side B, and the duration in seconds

how to create web site animations without using flash

3) Remember that you can delete the sample content from Side A and Side B and insert your own content
How to create animations on website without flash 2