Make your site shine with beautiful Instagram-style image effects - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -
We all know that in the digital age the visual content generates a great impact on audiences, and in tune with eye-catching texts, they can make a web page stand out, get more conversions and be a reason for visitors to want to browse it again.

From the team of CWT Advertising We have implemented a new functionality that will fascinate you due to the versatility that you can have when playing with your images, giving them different aspects and finishes to surprise your readers and renew your website with the quality of the best professionals.

how to apply instagram style on websites

How to apply Instagram style filters automatically?

Very simple, entering to edit an image, the system will show all the available filters. By clicking on any of them, the effect will be applied to the photo and you will see how it looks in the preview. Pressing “OK” will apply the filter and it will be seen both in the editor and on your final site.

apply instagram styles on images

Is it possible to customize a specific effect?

Yes, you can customize a filter by clicking on the “Advanced” option. CWT Advertisingwill show all the parameters that can be modified. By editing the brightness, contrast, saturation, tint – among other attributes – you can get unique effects on your photos!how to customize instagram effects