Make your website a success on mobile devices - IDEA YOUR BLOG SITE 2020 -

The use of the Internet from mobile devices grows year after year, and the trend continues steadily over time, so it becomes increasingly necessary to think of an online strategy that puts adaptable websites at the center of the scene mobile phones

In the following image, according to information you can see how the growth of internet access through mobile, since 2009 (year in which the Blackberry Curve 8900, the Nokia N97, or the Lg Xenon were launched) until 2018

Lg of the year 2009

That a site is displayed correctly from all types of devices brings great benefits: from offering a good user experience to your visits to improving the positioning of your website on Google.

And the best of all this is that with CWT Advertising you are one step ahead! Our powerful site builder has the latest technology to create a quality website that looks good from any device. Thanks to your Responsive Design, adapts automatically so that the site is displayed correctly on all platforms.

You want to know more? You have a wide range of tools available to optimize your site and make it work perfectly on mobile and desktop devices.

Ideal for eCommerce

Both the content of the site and the catalog of products – for those sites dedicated to electronic commerce – adapts to all devices, as well as the purchase process. From the visualization of the detail of products to check out, everything is designed and developed so that it can be seen correctly on mobile phones.

The number of purchases made from mobile phones is also constantly increasing, as is the custom of users to check and compare prices on the Internet before going to the physical store. According to data from the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE), in the last edition of Cyber ​​Monday that took place in November 2018, there was an absolute record in cell phone accesses, with 63.5% of the sessions. CWT Advertising Let your customers buy comfortably from smartphones and tablets, saving them time and complications.

Optimized according to speed

CWT Advertising automatically detects the connection speed of the device to improve the loading speed. If it is slow, it presents the images in lower resolution so that the page is displayed quickly.

Preview on multiple devices

CWT Advertising allow you to see how your website will look according to the access device

Page editing

In the page editor, some draggable items, such as Boxes, can be hidden according to the device. For example, if you create a box with a very large background image and want it to be visible only in large resolutions, you can enter the advanced properties of the element and indicate that it is NOT shown on mobile.

By clicking on the Preview button, you can see the progress of the changes made to the site on each device in full screen

May everyone see your site!

We want this guide to help you understand how important it is to have a site with Responsive Design in these times and that you learn to take advantage of all the tools of CWT Advertising.

Do not miss visits or customers for not updating! And, as we always tell you, if you have doubts, questions or suggestions, you can write to us.