Manage the visibility of your company on the Internet -

Nothing is easier than communicating on the Internet. You just need to connect to the right platforms, have a blog and some positive reviews on Google. However, that does not make it possible to find customers and to perpetuate his business. Here are the points on which to insist in order to effectively develop the visibility of your company.

Ensure the visibility of your business online

When starting a professional activity or when creating a product, business leaders rarely prioritize communication. However, it is necessary to provide time for reflection and a budget for the communication strategy.

It is often advisable to call on a specialist in communication and web marketing strategy to find the most relevant methods to reach your target. Among all the web communication channels, one can wonder about the relevance of the company’s presence on social networks.

Another point to question is how to invest in SEO to become visible on search engines. One can wonder if the company’s site is well indexed, if it is suitable for mobile devices or if the content of the web editorial staff is well structured. Depending on your needs, it is possible to call on a press agency, a web editor or a web developer.

Strengthen the image of your business online

Maintaining the image of your company online requires regular and qualitative communication actions. It is about bringing real added value to the company’s services.

For good visibility, it is advisable to work on your local referencing with Google My Business. The first step is to register and transmit precise information about your professional activity. Then, it is a question of managing the sites and the web pages of reference with a frequent and benevolent watch.

The real work of communication and web strategy happens when you have to moderate online reviews and react to the performance of certain pages or articles. The race for keywords and the publication of regular content are not always enough to ensure the visibility of your business.

Choose your digital communication channels

It is not always possible or interesting to have your business present on all social networks. Some platforms are preferred over others. For new businesses, we often focus on a channel where we are sure to find our target and on a comfortable form of speech before stepping out of our comfort zone.

For example, for companies with a BtoB communication strategy, the most important thing is to choose a communication strategy on LinkedIn and present a clean website with clear and relevant information. For artistic professions, you can look for specialized online platforms and focus your communication on Instagram. For traders, it can be interesting to create a Facebook page and tidy up your online store.

This part of the communication can be done internally or externally depending on the skills of the people in the company and the time available for each employee.

Develop a targeted online activity

As when learning a new language or trying a new sport, managing your visibility online requires a little courage to get started, but also a little tenacity to pursue your efforts and thus notice positive results.

Establishing a clear digital communication strategy with two or three specific themes allows you to be better referenced, but also to create an identifiable and memorable brand image for your target audience. It’s important to create a recognizable date, like posting a blog post every Monday at noon or uploading a podcast on Thursday evening.

Following the feedback from the first few weeks, it is possible to carry out a communication report and to take stock of the evolution of its online visibility. We keep in mind that good visibility does not directly relate to the number of views or likes, but that it manifests itself in the evolution of sales and customer loyalty.