In most companies, it is essential that certain business clusters are aligned. This is particularly the case for sales and marketing services. The activities are interdependent, the sales of a company depend essentially on the quality of the leads. Marketing results also depend on the company’s sales force. A need for alignment between the two services has become a fundamental question for the development of a business …

A web context as a springboard

Today, the customer no longer waits for the business proposition to come to him.

He learns, reads reviews online, follows the news of his favorite brands, shares his good and bad experiences.

Information is available in real time via a number of channels: chat software, social networks, applications, emails or Google search. The majority of purchases are mainly made on the internet and the conversion of leads is becoming more and more complex for businesses.

They must therefore find appropriate solutions to improve their relationship with these potential customers and optimize the implementation of a sales marketing alignment. To do this, the best way for a company is to adapt its action plan according to the evolution of the digital world.

The usefulness of sales marketing alignment

Sales marketing alignment is an approach carried out by a company in order to improve its visibility and sales.

It essentially consists of making the sales department and the marketing department work jointly in pursuit of a common objective.

It’s a question of teams combining their efforts to identify and hire prospects, contacts and clients. The main objective is to generate real online traffic via the website and the company’s digital strategy.

Sales marketing alignment has many significant advantages.

Above all, it determines a qualified lead that can be converted into a ready-to-buy customer. It also allows the creation of interesting and relevant marketing content for a target prospect and coherent essential messages to share with them.

By aligning all of the teams, the company can also create a seamless customer journey using different communication channels

Marketing plan aims to transform the impulse of your short and medium term strategic plan

It addresses diagnosis, strategy and marketing mix product, price, communication (digital, direct) and distribution

The purpose of the Commercial plan is to organize the infrastructure of actions targeting prospects, customers and distributors through the Sales force. It draws heavily on the Marketing plan to ensure perfect implementation of Marketing programs

These plans coordinate with each other, consultation is fundamental:

  • The upstream plan provides the course of action and the impetus;
  • The downstream plan works with a shorter term vision and more oriented towards concretization.

A co-constructed strategy allows:

  • A shared vision;
  • A clear understanding of the product internally;
  • Relevant arguments with your target audience.

Strategic opportunities for businesses

There are currently several strategies and approaches for implementing a sales marketing alignment for a business. Content-based strategies are the most effective and on the rise.

Social Selling and Inbound Marketing are strategic approaches, the particularity of which is based on the creation and promotion of quality content.

Social Selling is an ideal approach to participate in the delicate exercise of giving before receiving, sharing quality content, interacting within the network and generating targeted connections through social networks.

Inbound marketing or inbound marketing is a marketing approach that allows you to bring the customer to you rather than go looking for him. Thus, the marketing department and the sales department work jointly in order to share a quality pitch to captivate a client, a contact or a prospect.

In the sales sector, it is important to put actions into perspective. In marketing, you also have to worry about the short-term operational.

42% of people are ready to buy a brand’s products if they like the experience.

The more your service offers are highlighted in a simple and powerful way, the more they will be understood and appreciated by your targets.