Marketing Automation is one of the essential techniques to boost your company’s turnover. Do you want to transform your prospects into customers, retain your customers, relaunch an abandoned basket or even improve the transformation rate of your site? Marketing Automation lets you do it.

However, the prices of Marketing Automation solutions are often too high for SMEs. SendinBlue wants to democratize this technology by offering a simple and inexpensive solution, accessible to all.

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Today, we invite you to discover the Automation solution launched by SendinBlue.

1: SendinBlue Automation: send your emails automatically according to predefined scenarios

SendinBlue is a French emailing software used by more than 50,000 French and International SMEs. Excellent alternative to Mailchimp, the platform allows you for example to send 40,000 emails per month for less than 20 euros. SendinBlue also gives the possibility to send SMS campaigns from the same interface.

Currently available to all SendinBlue users at no additional cost, Sendinblue Automation allows you, for example, to automatically send a welcome email after subscribing to the newsletter, a white paper to download, or even an appointment request to your prospects.

Other solutions on affordable price ranges exist but it is the only one to offer complete tracking of pages visited and events carried out on a website in order to send personalized messages adapted to each visitor.

2: The key to Marketing Automation success: 6 examples of customizable scenarios as desired.

You can configure and send emails automatically according to predefined scenarios.

Here are some classic examples:

  1. Send a welcome email to new subscribers to your newsletter. In our case, we use this type of scenario to send our new subscribers our ebook “Successful blog” and then a series of emails to present the services we offer.
  2. Send an email on a key date for your client’s birthday or 3 weeks before the contract renewal date.
  3. Send an email after visiting a page on your site. For example, send an email that offers product alternatives after visiting a product page.
  4. Send an email after performing a specific action on the site. For example, filling out a form.
  5. Send an email following a purchase on your site. For example, you can send a series of emails to train your new customer on the product purchased (very useful in B2B).>
  6. Send an email to the openers but not clickers of your emailing or transactional campaigns
  7. Send an email to relaunch the user who abandoned his cart: In fact, 90% of Internet users interrupted in their purchasing process do not return. Marketing Automation is therefore an opportunity to improve your conversion by relaunching your prospect who was 2 clicks away from buying.

Sendinblue Automation provides you with all these pre-built scenarios for you! You can also set up a 100% customized Automation scenario. As you can see, there are endless possibilities. Come see other examples of scenarios.

Marketing Automation SendinBlue

3: Create your first Marketing Automation scenario in 5 min with Sendinblue Automation

If you have never used a Marketing Automation solution tool, don’t panic, SendinBlue offers a very intuitive handling.

Let’s test the “Welcome Message” scenario together.

Good to know : SendinBlue has an online help system to guide you through the creation of your script. Even without emailing knowledge, it is very simple to set up your first campaign.

Marketing Automation SendinBlue

Step 1: To start, select the list on which you want to set up the welcome message. You can create a new one very simply in the “list” tab.

Marketing Automation SendinBlue

Note: you do not need to specify the delivery time. Your welcome email will be sent immediately to the user after subscribing to your newsletter.

Step 3: Then indicate the email template you want to send to your contacts.

Marketing Automation SendinBlue

And here is my first automation scenario is in place:

Marketing Automation SendinBlue

Personalize and perfect your Marketing Automation scenario

Once your scenario has been created, nothing is frozen! You can change the options, add new emails, new activation levers …

To get a better idea, let’s add a second email to the script.

As I told you at the start, our welcome scenario on CWT Advertising & co’m includes several emails: the first sends our guide “Successful blog”, the second presents our ebooks, the third our job site …

Step 1: To add a second email to the scenario, nothing could be simpler! Click on the little + at the bottom of your scenario. A new window opens with different options:

Marketing Automation SendinBlue

Step 2: You have actions and conditions. With these, you will be able to complete your scenario. For example, before sending my second email, I want to wait 1 week and send it only to those who clicked on a link in the first email.

I add a delay:

Marketing Automation SendinBlue

Then a condition:

Marketing Automation SendinBlue

Then, in case of validation of the condition, my second email:

Marketing Automation SendinBlue

And here, my scenario is updated with my last modifications:

Marketing Automation SendinBlue

If you wish, you can also provide a specific email for people who have not fulfilled the condition.

To conclude

I appreciated the great simplicity of creating a Marketing Automation scenario. From the first use, you quickly understand how to create your series of automatic emails. Simplicity does not prevent creating complex scenarios that meet any marketing objective. And best of all, SendinBlue is free up to 9,000 emails per month. The prices then remain very affordable.

It’s your turn ! I invite you to test SendinBlue Automation now.

Article written in collaboration with SendinBlue.