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It’s not just about getting more and more consumers to know the brand and buy those products

Usually, when analysis about marketing and about The state of things We usually talk about the same collection of themes. The importance of understanding what are the latest trends that mark the relationship with consumers is usually addressed, attempts are made to connect with them in terms of demographic characteristics and social changes, or they tend to try to understand the latest professional profiles to include in the marketing team to really achieve success. These are some of the recurring topics that are usually talked about and about which analysis and analysis are usually done, although in an equally recurring way it is not usually discussed about the essence of marketing itself and about what it really is and the needs that they have to fulfill brands, companies and their marketing teams to get their work to fruition.

What exactly is marketing and what exactly should companies look for with this tool?

The marketing strategy must go far beyond advertising and must cross many more borders than simply ‘count and sell’. It is not simply about making more and more consumers know the brand and buy those products. The reality is much more complex and the work that marketers have to do also has to be. In addition, they should not forget that just as time has brought sociological changes, for example, it has also brought changes in what their work implies and in what they have to do every day.

From the outset, and if one wanted to define in a general way what marketing implies and needs, one could say that it means understanding consumers well and what one can offer them. That is to say, in the epicenter of the marketing campaigns and the work of their managers, everything that leads to understanding consumers and the world in which they move must be and how, in that scenario, the brand fits and their Products, services and offers. Therefore, the marketing team has to study the different communication channels, the various marketing channels, the product’s potential, the issues related to its commercialization or the relationship established between the company and the consumer.

That is, the professional (and his strategy) will be a kind of off-road capable of going much further than simply what may seem key to the naked eye. It has to deepen and it has to have a complete knowledge (of 360º one could say) of the potential client and the world in which it moves.

The changes of recent times

In addition, social changes and those of consumer expectations have also implied tectonic changes in the strategies and in what brands and companies must do. “It’s not about counting and selling,” Procter & Gamble global marketing chief Jim Stengel said on the subject, calling into question what had been the canonical phrase to explain what had to be done not so long ago . “All we do is create the right thing for a relationship,” he added.

And this does not necessarily imply that it should be translated as ‘everything to the digital’ but rather a somewhat deeper change. To create these relationships, it is not enough to simply create social media strategies in which firms talk about you to consumers, but rather to embrace a much more complex change. Brands and companies have to start using “human” positions when dealing with their consumers and the world around them (that is, acting many times with the closeness that human beings use and with decision making human).

There are those who call this “generous brands,” that is, brands that allow them to create a world (or make that seem) better and closer. This involves making coffee with fair trade beans in chains such as Starbucks to allow consumers to give their opinion as on Amazon to use the state-of-the-art technology developed to help a blind marathon runner to guide himself during a race like IBM did.

Sell ​​using the greater good

And, as the chief marketing officer For IBM global markets, Caroline Taylor, marketing now has to go beyond simply selling. It has to have a goal beyond. It can, in fact, also be used for the mayor greater good ’, to enhance the good of society (while talking about the firm). Consumers are waiting for you and are valuing it.

«I think that marketing that focuses on that concept of enlightened self-interest it is a very powerful element, as powerful as they were at the time of Mad men to persuade that you needed something you didn’t need at all, ”he says, speaking of a concept, the enlightened self-interest, which could be translated as enlightened self-interest and that synthesizes that idea of ​​marketing with a goal of greater good. “It really has a much more essential role in society,” he adds.

The issue is also in many sectors and in many consumption giants, it is from the use of technology to help society until the launching of the giants of household products of detergents that wash better in cold water to save the consumer money and to the planet resources. In addition, companies must take advantage of new opportunities and new issues that arise along the way and that go along this line.

In the case of IBM, the example in question is what they are doing with the popular movie Hidden Figures, which tells the forgotten story of the black mathematics of NASA. The firm appears in the film in a contextual way and has used this to generate derivative content marketing and enhance the diversity message.

Source: PuroMarketing