How to ensure a sustainable positioning on the internet despite the explosion of competition? How to significantly improve your conversion rates by reading the minds of your visitors? The answer lies on the side of marketing … and content. In fact: content marketing…

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Read this article, and you will understand how to increase your visibility, boost your conversion rates and get real results on online media. With few means. But a lot of relevant, varied and qualified content.

Marketing to the rescue of content, or vice versa?

It is certain, that in the months to come, we will have to dare to combine the efforts of marketing and those of web communication or, at the very least, the tasks of producing online content if we want to not only maintain heading for the wave of increasingly social Web 3.0.

And even if these tips seem obvious to you, nothing like recalling the good principles and good practices of e-marketing to make your little assessment …

Your website

The Internet has matured enough to dare to be simple and efficient. Opt for a sober, simple, user-friendly online storefront above all. The important thing is to build your online presence through your communication: by the added value of the content you publish, by the quality of the information service you provide on your product catalog or your service offering.

Your online marketing strategy starts there, with a relevant and useful, usable and reassuring website. But your marketing strategy goes far beyond this interface where communication is altered by technique, technology and the lack of immediate responsiveness.

Weaknesses that only online ubiquity, truly relational and user-oriented can compensate. There are many other channels in which to maintain this online presence. E-mailing, natural and paid referencing, blogging and social media… A few lines on these different levers.

Your email campaigns

Email is an inexpensive way, if not to boost your pure conversion rates, at least to build customer loyalty and maintain relationships and communication with qualified audiences.

Set up a real email communication strategy for your campaigns within your company. Standardize your practices, your formats and your communication. Design two or three email templates depending on whether you want to send one or more messages. Test them. Measure your results. Use Mailchimp or any such service. It’s free, efficient, user-friendly. And it works.

Use your website as a lever to collect qualified e-mail addresses. Periodically, launch a communication where you offer offers and promotions exclusive to your distribution lists.

Segment your distribution lists and develop strategies brooding range. Compare open, click, and draw rates. as a relatively simple and inexpensive way to build a strong sense of community among your customers.

Vary the content between your distribution lists. This variation can be made in terms of frequency, volumes and types of content. For example, try to schedule content for high refresh rates to be published on a mobile channel, with a dedicated mobile site as a relay.

A discussion space

Use a forum (Facebook definitely!) to get in touch in a friendly way with your customers and prospects. Dare the conversation. Loosen the tie and talk to them about what they want to hear. Be real, be present, listen and offer them experience, emotion, to encourage identification with your brand.

Do not block the spontaneity of your members or fans. Moderate the dialogue, of course, but welcome the criticism. Reward your loyalists, once again, with exclusive offers and promotions. Thank them for their commitment. And dare to humor.

A blog

Setting up a corporate blog can ultimately prove to be more profitable and rewarding than the efforts that such a business seems to require in advance. Admittedly, a blog is a real editorial project, with an editorial line, positioning objectives, an information architecture, etc.

Provided that you regularly publish there, in simple language, close to your readers, relevant, original, and – we always come back – useful content, you give your subscribers every reason to come back to read you and get more involved. before with your brand.

Paid SEO

Paid SEO is one of the only online advertising channels whose efficiency, profitability and results you can control. Operate a real SEM strategy, even with minimal investments.

Any space that you leave entirely free will be occupied, very quickly, by the competition. However, paid SEO is not an end in itself. As a US web marketing guru said: never, in a library, will the manager be called out in these terms: “Book, marketing, Internet”. We will say more: “I have just created my online store, I am looking for a fairly popular and compact work on advice and methods for selling on the Internet”. It will therefore not be a few key words that will seal your final choice for this or that book.

Conclusion? The content is R.O.I.

Only a real strategy of optimized content (intended to distill a real experience of the brand, a sincere relationship between the advertiser and its audiences) will be able to satisfy the user and improve your conversion to, ultimately, help you get the most out of your investments. Experts of my ilk have been clamoring and evangelizing it for years: the content is R.O.I.