Marques 10 brands that defrosted the Facebook algorithm last week 2020 -

Like every week, we have selected the best of the Facebook posts, published by the brands last week. We are trying to decipher for you the success of branded content whose performance has stood out over the past week …

Editors and community managers will tell you: there is no magic recipe for making the viral Facebook post that works every time. The performance of a post results from many criteria. But it is possible to obtain serious indications by analyzing publications whose results are above average and thus hope to tame the Facebook algorithm.

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Travel, consumer goods, food: all of the topics that made it possible to engage fans on Facebook this week. We studied all of the publications from more than 1,000 brands, sharing content in French over the past week.

We share with you the 10 posts that received the most interactions in order to enrich your regular monitoring of best practices. As in the past weeks, we are using data from social networks thanks to our monitoring platform.




O’tacos is leading our ranking this week with a Reactions competition. The brand surrounds its fans by offering to vote for its flagship products according to their size.

McDonald’s England


“McWrap Chèvre, le retour” offers McDonald’s England second place in the standings this week. The product is at the heart of the contents of the brand which knows how to warm its fans on simple and direct communications.



To combat winter temperatures, Easyvoyage transports us to the tropics with this very nice shot. The online comparison site draws attention with an inspirational visual in portrait format, ideal for mobile.

Private Sport Shop

Private Sport Shop Contest

Thank your fans for crossing the fateful bar of a million fans with a contest, a sure bet! The site of private sales of sport offers a very attractive game with a staging of the season, an attractive endowment, shared with a friend of its choice and a mechanic accessible to all.



Mixa fans are committed to the positive attitude! The beauty product brand knows how to convince its Facebook fans with jovial content published early in the morning and formatted for the mobile: visual in portrait format & text on the visual.



Have O’tacos fans lost their minds? In any case, the fan-favorite brand of tacos diverts a proverb to its advantage. Greedy!



The City of Lights knows how to promote its strengths among its fans who meet there. A visual produced by a fan, handpicked to share with the Lyonnais the beauty of their city.

Jetlag by Demotivator


Jetlag shares in this video all the mysteries of the Piton de Katchkhi. The one-minute video addresses the mysteries of this place in Georgia where a monastery is perched 40 meters high. Enough to make you want to react to this video!

Auvergne Tourism


The Facebook page of the Auvergne region mischievously questions its fans about their favorite winter activity. A nice photo album allows fans to question the sports activities to consider in the region this season. With success !



“Come and discover Venice and its canals around this dream breakfast”. This is what this video published by Easyvoyage tells us. Nice invitation to start to engage your fans!

Thanks for reading. See you next week for a new collection of the best Facebook posts, sorted for you.