Marques 10 brands that panicked Facebook counters last week 2020 -

For many weeks now, we have been offering you the opportunity to stop by the 10 best brand publications. We present the best content that has allowed brands to achieve the strongest engagement with their fans. Thus, you will discover posts so that you can always better understand the engagement generated and why not compare them with your own results …

Regular changes to the Facebook algorithm force brands to adapt. In this article, we offer an easily searchable selection, allowing you to increase your regular watch. Analysis of this best content also reveals trends in terms of content and format used. Video, link, photo, we realize that any type of post can generate the interactions you want.

We carried out this ranking on the basis of all the posts published in England last week by brands spread over ten sectors. The 10 contents receiving the most interactions were selected.

It is through our social media monitoring tool that I observe the content trends of brands on Facebook, and that I offer you the 10 publications that generated the most interactions the previous week!


Playstation England

A game on the occasion of the release of Monster Hunter: World on PS4 places PlayStation England at the top of the ranking, with more than 61k comments.



When O’tacos announces a Facebook Live with Alrima, commitment guaranteed!



How to engage your fans? Sensational content and a call to tag a friend, solution approved by EasyVoyage!


“Un PC de Gamer de Fou” allows you to engage the community in a contest directly in the post.


McDonald’s England

The most popular burger brand activates its community with innovative content on mobile (only). Note: nice exchanges in comments where the brand focuses on responding.



A wind turbine that catches fire and EasyVoyage places its second post in the top 10 of the week.


Jetlag by Demotivator

A job advertisement to say the least original!


Volkswagen England

Volskwagen values ​​the Arteon, a high-end model, which seems to be enjoying great success. Simple and efficient.


Jetlag by Demotivator

Greece and more precisely the Cyclades are dreaming. Jetlagbydemotivateur plays on the romantic fiber, with this pretty video whose fall explains the catchphrase of the post.


O’tacos England

O’tacos’ Facebook Live with Alrima closely follows the teasing post in the standings.


Thank you for reading, see you next week for an even more engaging selection! ?