Modify the prices of products in CWT Advertising in bulk - CWT Advertising BLOG 2020 -

Now you can change the prices of your selected products, easily and quickly, by percentage or by fixed value.

Step 1

Enter your administration panel of CWT Advertising.

Step 2

Once inside the panel, click on the tab “STORE. Then in “Catalogue” and then in “Products” and click on the upper Check field shown in the image to select all products. This will select all the products that are displayed on that page.

Step 3

Select the items on that page to which you want to change the value.

If you want to change them to all the products of your store, click on the drop-down and you can “Select the entire catalog“:

Then, you will see the legend

Or, if you want to change it only to certain products:

Click on “Modify prices”

Step 4

Select your preferences in the window “Modify Prices“- By “Percentage“Or For a”Fixed value“, Applied on the current value and if you wish“Increase“Or”To discount

Example 1:

Example 2:

Click on “To accept

Step 5

Ready! Your selected products already show the new value. In the pAdministration panel:

And also in your Catalogue